I’ve found my calling…

….and Squad Deathmatch is its name.

After Donncha, his pal and I got well and truly violated by Geoff’s squad I thought that maybe things would be better as part of Geoff’s team……but no. Not even being in Geoff’s squad made the bad people go away. So I’ve come to the conclusion I’m jinxed – the squad Jonah.

(BTW – the guys on Geoff’s squad, if you read this, I had to carry the kiddy winkle to bed and you were all offline when I got back – so don’t think I was ignoring you, I just had my hands full)

After the horror that was Squad Doom, I thought I’d have a go of squad deathmatch – after all, how bad could it be? Really bad, that’s what, I tried changing classes to attempt to level them up….not a good idea. Okay, if in doubt – Modern Warfare 2. Two games of that, break even, team loses and I leave because it kept sticking with the same players and crappy ping.

At that point I was going to blog the disaster and go to bed – BAH! But then I thought, let’s give it another go, I’ll use the Medic class and basically just stalk one of the other players shoving medpacks in his face and reviving him whether he likes it or not.

I rock.

That’s all there is to it. Well, not really. I think that the people playing squad deathmatch are the refugees from Modern Warfare 2, but haven’t really adjusted to the game. They kept making the same mistakes….you can’t rush someone who is sitting at the top of the stairs with an LMG! How many times do I have to shoot you in the face before you realise that.

In the second game I had to go and find my kills, the most amusing bit was shooting at a guy in one of the houses. I went in after him and he was huddled up in the toilet. Obviously fearful of the mighty evaDlivE coming towards him he didn’t even get a shot off before I put him out his misery with my pistol. I could have sworn I heard him whimper “Mummy….” as I came into his view. That’s what I like to think anyway – I have no idea why he didn’t fire at me, he should have been primed and ready. I’d already run past him once!

Ultimately, I’ve still only got a .56 KDR – but I have unlocked super duper health packs and the Type 88 LMG. Only another 12000 points and I get to use the Ray Gun M60.

Peas and loaves.

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6 thoughts on “I’ve found my calling…

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  2. We probably would have done better with a full squad, and especially if we actually knew the maps but Laguna is one of the new Rush maps. It’s a pity Conor’s mic didn’t work either. Hopefully he’ll get that sorted!

    Squad deathmatch was a lot less stressful, mainly because in my game everyone was holed up in houses. So many snipers around too! I’ll have to give that a go again.

    • Unless we get some callouts organised then having a full squad probably wouldn’t have made any difference: “There’s a guy in the trees…” “Which trees?” “The trees by the hut…” /facepalm

      And on that map, I was on one of the .50 cals when a quad bike came barrelling down the road and crashed into me…..and it said I suicided!

      • There’s an opening for a few blog posts – naming rights on prominent landmarks in online games. It’d be a lot of work but worth it.

        Shame you can’t create private matches easily in BC2 as that’d make the job so much easier!

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  4. ….and to the left we have Donncha Hill, which overlooks Dave Valley – yeah, it’s got a certain attraction 😀

    There are a number of things that make the game more difficult for the new guys – and not being able to map walk is definitely one of them. However, the people who normally find the glitches don’t have a problem getting private games together to work their dark arts while the likes of you and me have to stumble blindly through the jungle….

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