Pitch up your tents….it’s BFBC2!

Previously I touched on the issue of people camping in BFBC2. I don’t actually have a problem with camping in most cases. For one, most people define camping as anyone who stays still longer than a heartbeat, two: campers are generally easy targets, and three – it’s necessary on some game types. For example, if you’re defending a flag or a bomb site then you need to stay around the thing you’re defending. But if you’re an attacking team then it’s pretty pointless to camp. You can’t capture objectives by sitting at the spawn, sniping. It would also be helpful to the TEAM if the spawn snipers actually used the spot option. Either these players are totally selfish, or they are so rubbish that they can’t see any enemy anyway (maybe both).

Camping in BFBC2 is not such a bad thing in Squad Deathmatch, although it does depend on the map and whether you are actually getting any kills. If you’re holed up somewhere and not getting any action then you need to change tactics. Geoff discusses the issue of camping in his BFBC2 – Laguna Presa, SDM #2 video:

That map is definitely an example of a ‘don’t camp map’. It can’t be much fun waiting in a bush for someone to run past. In contrast Isla Inocentes is the perfect camper’s paradise – if you can make it to the top of the hill (which conveniently has three spawn points on it). It’s possible, if you are a decent sniper, to be able to cover pretty much the whole of the play area. As long as you’re aware of the flanking opportunities then you can do pretty well, especially if you team up with another player using a complimentary class. However, as with all camping you have to know when you’ve outstayed your welcome. This can be signalled by one or more incoming RPGs.

Here’s the thing, ‘camping’, or ‘defending an area’, or ‘maintaining a strategic presence’ – however you want to refer to it – is definitely a valid tactic, as long as it has an purpose. That purpose should not be to up your KDR unless you are also helping your team win – there’s no Free For All in BFBC2 so there’s no excuse for not being a team player.

And on the subject of the frustration caused by spawn snipers, not playing objectives and getting pissed off at campers have a look at StoneFaceLock’s video – skip to timecode 0.38: yup, I feel his pain……his whole squad sniping at spawn:

Peas and loaves.

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