Game Results 03-04-2010

Squad Deathmatch again as by the time I got online….everyone was offline :sadface:

Running the Assault Class.

Anyhoo, being in a squad with a trio of French speakers was, how you say fantastique. Considering my conversational French stretches to asking where the bathroom is and one bad “Ta mère!” joke I thought it was best to keep the mic muted. But they did us proud in the tank thing – we spent most of the time in the tank, the whole squad so I got to level up the armour stats and get squad points.

It was a similar story for the next couple of games without my frères Français where the squad didn’t speak, but raped face in the armour instead. In keeping with my previous entry – top tip: If you’re an engineer and the enemy gun turret is facing you…….you might want to reconsider your next move. Engineer go BOOM!

I’m now a almost all the way through level 4.
Assault: 2090
Engineer: 2509
Recon: 620
Medic: 13696
Vehicle: 4020

Ammo Box (hooray!)
Active Armour Upgrade
Improved Warheads Package

K/D – 0.69 (up 0.04 from yesterday)

Also, if you want to check stats have a look at (PC and PS3 only at the moment….)

Peas and loaves.

Find me on PSN – evaDlivE

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