MW2 Stimulus Pack Walkthrough – SeaNanners

SeaNanners has uploaded a video walkabout on the three new maps in the Stimulus Pack for Modern Warfare 2 – Bailout, Storm and, Salvage:

And if you want to see some C4/Supply crate shenanigans in BFBC2 then have a look at the vids in Donncha’s post.

Peas and loaves.

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3 thoughts on “MW2 Stimulus Pack Walkthrough – SeaNanners

  1. Good walkthroughs but he missed a few areas in each I think. I guess I gotta bite the bullet and play a few matches on them when I get the chance.

    • When I watched it I noticed that there were areas he didn’t seem to go to. But for those of us on PS3 and PC it’s a good heads up for when they come out.

      You really should play some of those maps and do a review from a normal player’s perspective.

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