Teeny Tiny Blog Update #2

A couple of quick things that are important enough to be posted, but not big enough to have their own individual entries.

Games in a Nutshell
Those of you subscribed to G.I.N. will have seen recently that they were looking for people to join their writing team. For those not subscribed to them, Games In a Nutshell, a gaming blogging site recently posted that they were looking for people to join their writing team. Although it hasn’t been announced there yet there are two new staff, and one of them is me. So here’s to productive enterprise 🙂

Inside scoop on the coming week from Geoff on his sasbenjr YouTube channel. We can look forward to an attacking Tank domination video on Zone 2 of Arica Harbour (BFBC2)…. this one:

and also a squad deathmatch gameplay where Geoff and three subscribers join a game late and 17 points down. Will Geoff and the guys turn it around for the win, or will they get pipped at the post? Until the video is out vote with your fingers:

…..and here’s the video

So all you who voted (QUAAAAAAD!) have had your faith in Geoff reinforced. I abstained from the vote because I already knew the result, and I’m sure that Geoff wouldn’t vote considering that it was his video….right Geoff? Right….?

Special mention to Hypermole for his continuing help with the BFBC2 survival guide. From talking to him about the items that I’m currently covering I am astounded by how much of it is undocumented. If it is documented then it’s not very accessible. So thanks Hypermole from me, and on behalf of all the people out there who benefit from the help you’re giving the guide.

BFBC2 stats
On the subject of BFBC2 there are two stats sites that you may find useful (if you don’t already know them), the first comes via Donncha and is the Stats-o-Matic site which is fairly comprehensive but a little bit flaky. The other is BattleTracker which has pretty much the same information, but is for PC and PS3 players only at the moment. So let your inner nerd go wild with all those stats….

Peas and loaves.

Find me on PSN – evaDlivE

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5 thoughts on “Teeny Tiny Blog Update #2

  1. ‘Course they win! (I hope!)

    Congrats on the writing job, I thought I was subbed to that blog but I am now. Looking forward to your first article!

  2. Just watched that SDM, and that was him playing while slightly tipsy and tired at 4am?

    If that was me the other teams would have been sending me thank you messages for all the kills…

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