Game Results 05-04-2010

Played a bit of Squad Deathmatch last night and this morning with the aim of unlocking some more of the Recon and Assault Class thingies. That part went well, the wins were not so good as the squads I ended up in were not talking, weren’t spotting and had a real aversion to vehicles.

But I did manage to drag my K/D up to 0.77…..until I went online later joined Geoff’s game. By some fluke I was in Geoff’s squad which is always nice, but I didn’t really bring much to the game other than being a human shield (and I wasn’t even very good at that). Luckily, Geoff had uploaded his video on shooting down helicopters today – which was very useful. I got a damned sight closer with the RPG than I ever had before – but I still missed. Although I think I made up for it later with a combination of the Medic Class LMG and stationary .50 cal.

Although the shooting down helicopters video came in handy, I’ll have to wait for the dummies piloting video comes out so that I don’t crash us into the sea. Not once…..but twice.

I’m now up to level 7.
Assault: 6030 (up from 2090)
Engineer: 4309 (up from 2509)
Recon: 4651 (up from 620)
Medic: 15,399 (up from 13696)
Vehicle: 7,710 (up from 4020)

Bandolier Pants – not going to win any fashion shows with them
Vehicle Smoke
A sight for something but I can’t remember what right now.

K/D – 0.73 (up 0.05 from yesterday – although it was 0.77 before I got into Geoff’s squad)

Peas and loaves.

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5 thoughts on “Game Results 05-04-2010

  1. Wow, nice all round usage of all classes. The closest I got to Battlefield was in Bf 1943 as the graphics and sound aren’t quite as vivid, and my son was standing on a chair asking, “what’s that?”
    I tried the sniper and failed miserably to shoot anyone who wasn’t standing stock still while I lined up on them. Surprisingly most players did not oblige me.

    • The main problem is that I don’t know the maps. So when I spawn on one of the squad I tend to get killed as I don’t know where I am or where the enemy are likely to be. And when I spawn at the base there’s people like that Beastman engineer guy hiding in the trees on Valparaso, or that bloody medic with the shotgun on Port Valdez.

      Pushing forward quickly is essential in those game types otherwise the defenders are just going to put up a line of snipers and we end up skirmishing over the middle of the map rather than getting the objectives.

      It’s easier to massage the KDR in SDM as you can lock down an area and create a killzone – even while playing lone wolf. On the othe game modes, due to the greater mobility it’s not as simple.

      I don’t have a problem dropping KDR on objective games – although it can hurt the tickets – but I do get pissed off when it’s the same guy over and over who’s obviously put the wrong game disc in.

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