Surviving BFBC2 Multiplayer – Part 3

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Read Part Two here.

In this part we’ll look at the in-game communication options and how to use them to best help you and your team.

Automated communication

The first thing you need to do is check the Voiceover settings. These are found in the Audio tab of the Options section:

Got Babble?

Make sure that the Voiceover Language is set to “Localized”, this means that in-game voice is in YOUR local language (in my case – English) rather than the original game locale. If you have it set to Original all team voiceovers will be in their respective language. As I don’t speak Russian it is not much help hearing my team yelling something about Rasputin Turnip Pride when what they really mean is “I say old chap, might I trouble you for some more ammo as I’ve only gone and bally-well run out again! Thanks awfully.” Unless you are multi-lingual, do yourself a favour and use ‘Localized’.

The in-game team voice over is not just random background noise – the stuff your teammates shout out are actual things that are going on – SO PAY ATTENTION.

I need ammo/healing/a repair/a lift!

You can yell down the mic (or at the screen if you don’t have a mic) until you’re blue in the face for the support you need, but your other teammates may not understand you, have you muted, or just don’t give a damn. You can make your life easier by using the in-game comms. In-game comms? What!? EA didn’t explain what this was either! For shame!

Remember in Part 2 the description of the Recon class how to use the spot function? If you don’t then you should go back and have a read…….no, it’s fine, I’ll wait.

Okay, so remember back in…yeah, okay. So the spot button – Select (PS3) Back (Xbox360), Q (PC) – has a dual use. When you look at the enemy it puts a big orange triangle over their head, but if you look at a teammate it tells them what YOU need.

If you’re low on ammo look at an assault teammate, press your comms button and they’ll get the command through – you’ll also have a big flashing ammo box over your head for your team to see.

If you’re wounded, look lovingly at Dr McDreamy, hit the comm and they get the heal command, along with the health pack icon appearing over your head.

In a vehicle you can request a repair from an engineer in the same way, and if you see your teammate jump in a vehicle hit the comms to ge a lift. As with everything else, how well your requests are fulfilled depends on a couple of things – is the relevant person suitably equipped to help you, do they understand what’s going on, and do they give a damn….

On your multimap you’ll also have visual clues as to where you are needed:
Engineer – a spanner icon shows a vehicle that needs repair
Medic – a cross means health needed, a heartbeat icon indicates a revive is required
In a vehicle – a curved arrow indicates someone who wants a lift

If you do use the comms to request something, go to the person you are requesting from – it’s fairly annoying to get killed while chasing someone who has asked for ammo!

Unfortunately there is no: “Hey buddy, I need a foot massage – stat!” command, but maybe if enough people sign a petition……

Squad Commands

When playing objective game types you can specify what you want your team to target by using the spot command on the objective. You then gain points if your squad follow the order, and for any defense/attack kills or activity on that objective. You also get points for following orders. If you’re not giving the orders, do yourself a favour and do as you’re told.

In Part Four we’ll be looking at Voice/Mic Comms. Read it here.

Have I missed, misrepresented, or got something plain wrong? Let me know – use the comments.

Special thanks to Hypermole for helping with the automated comms.

Peas and loaves.

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5 thoughts on “Surviving BFBC2 Multiplayer – Part 3

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  2. In the 4 vs 1 game I had last night I was running low on ammo and we didn’t have a squad mate running the assault class. A team mate did though but he totally ignored my attempts to get a refill. I don’t know if the select/back button works outside of your squad?

    I eventually followed him around for 10 seconds as he planted c4 around the place. Stood in front of him and swapped my weapons a few times. He got the message and dropped an ammo box and my whole squad gathered around him 🙂

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