Game Results 07-04-2010

Okay, really quick one as I need to go to sleep.

Couple of games on Laguna Presa and White Pass. Wasn’t looking to do anything special as I had a couple of goals – unlock the Carl Gustav AT, up my recon class and get a bit closer to the secondary fire spec on vehicles.


Engineer – Carl G Unlocked
Engineer – XM8 Compact Unlocked
Engineer – Anti-Tank Mines Unlocked
Recon – SV98 Unlocked

Still level 7 – just a smidge to level 8.
Assault: 6,030 (unchanged)
Engineer: 8,743 (up from 4,309)
Recon: 6,583 (up from 4,651)
Medic: 15,829(up from 15,399)
Vehicle: 9,120 (up from 7,710)

K/D – 0.78 (up 0.05 from yesterday)

I think I’ll concentrate on the alt fire for vehicles and the 4x scope for Recon next time.

Peas and loaves.

Find me on PSN – evaDlivE

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