Game Results 08-04-2010

Quick round up of last night. I was actually playing the single player campaign when Hypermole sent me a message, so I joined his game which was Squad Death Match on White Pass. Squad Deathmatch on my favourite deathmatch map?! w00t! Being placed in a French speaking squad I kept my mic muted though. *Note to EA – my surname may appear to be a little bit French, even though it’s not, but give me a break with the French speaking squads. Sacre bleu!*

Anyway, I think it was even on who killed whom between Hypermole and I. Two each? The best one being when Hypermole attempted to creep up behind me for a sneaky knife…..but my Spidey senses were tingling so I turned and shot him in the face. That ‘knifing friends’ achievement is a bitch ain’t it……

After that we went into a squad together and played some Rush. It was the first time I’d been in a squad with Hypermole. He fairly tears it up on there. I’m much more of a support role to his “Grrraaaa!!! I’m in your spawn and now you’re all dead!” play style – but that’s exactly the sort of thing that is needed on Rush. Got a nice tail rotor hit on the enemy Hind on Isla Inocentes with the Carl G, but we ended up losing the game as the rest of the team spent their time camped on the hill while we and about two other players attempted to take on the entire other team to plant the bombs. I don’t have an issue with them posting up on the vantage point – but they could at least have used to the goddamned spot function to give us a hand.

When we were defending I flew the Hind. Did quite well, didn’t crash it into the sea. I crashed it into the enemy tank instead.

I played exclusively Engineer and got a load of points on that class so it was all good. Cheers Hypermole.

Unlocked – Explosive Pants.

Now a quarter of the way through level 8.
Assault: 6,030 (unchanged)
Engineer: 10,473 (up from 8,743)
Medic: 15,829(unchanged)
Recon: 6,583 (unchanged)

Vehicle: 9,530 (up from 9,120)

K/D – 0.78 (unchanged)

So alt fire for vehicles is less than 500 points away.

Peas and loaves.

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