Weekly-ish Update #5

Well, it’s the Easter Holidays here in the UK which is why there hasn’t been quite the same amount of posts here – or the usual amount of variety. The BFBC2 guides are quite time intensive to write as I have to double check a lot of information, and find out a whole lot more from people like Hypermole and Geoff. There also seems to be less time in the day than over the past couple of months. That could be the Bad Company 2 effect though as in one game of BFBC2 I could have played four or more on MW2…..

That’s the excuses out of the way, now for the updates:

Three to Watch
I’ve decided to (susp)end the Three to Watch YouTube video series that I’ve been doing. If you’re new to this blog the Three to Watch was a short two minute video featuring three YouTube game commentators from my subscription list. It’s aim was to increase the visibility of those featured. However, lately I’ve been finding it harder and harder to find new people to feature who don’t already have a large subscriber base. There are a couple of other people who are now doing a similar thing as well. I also don’t have the time to sift through all the new commentators to find the decent ones. There’s plenty of good gameplay out there, but in a lot of cases the commentaries are seriously lacking in inspiration. If you know of any decent commentators then let me know and we’ll see if we can put something together.

Blog Stats
Thanks to the Helper Bunny the peak hits to the blog was 884 on……1st of April. And no, it wasn’t April Fool. Since then the hits have settled down again and it’s currently at about 200 hits per day – as I said in an earlier post about this I was happy to have a few hits per day, and then 30 was my personal target per day. So 200ish is amazing! Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read this, and a special thanks to everyone who has helped in their own individual ways.

Blog Search
Boring boring boring search results this week. dtreats cheating, stimulus pack and wongs of regumption are the most hits to this blog, next up being BFBC2 related terms. The BFBC2 search terms have been very useful for topics to cover in the guide. But to make things interesting let’s chuck something random in to see if we can get a result like the pterodactyl searches. I’d like you all to consider the concept that Paradise Lost by John Milton was not just an epic poem charting the creation and destruction of humanity, but also an allegory for the Terminator films where genocidal robot monsters lay waste to the world as we know it. (muahaha)

Away From Keyboard (afk)

The Cockpit

If you’re ever in South Wales (UK) and you like your history then check out St Fagans: National History Museum. It’s not like a museum with dusty old objects in cases on display, it’s dusty old buildings that have been moved stone by stone from their original locations from all around Wales and placed there….like magic, by elves. As a family, we’ve been going there for at least five years and there’s always something new in the pipeline.

That’s pretty much it. I’ve been playing BFBC2 exclusively for the past week as it’s a lot harder to get anywhere without leveling up as opposed to MW2. Once I’ve got some decent kit I’ll be back to MW2.

Posts this week:

Peas and loaves.

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