Game Results 09-04-2010

Okay, here’s the skinny – Donncha and I totally pwn! We r 1337. Ph34r our skillz!!!11!!1!!1!eleventy!!1 We were Rush champeens!

Well, compared to the rest of our “team” we were. It was pretty much the same old story – an almost carbon copy of the last game results with Hypermole….but different maps. Donncha and I were in the minority when it came to doing work on the maps. On a number of occassions there were three or four “team” close by when the bombs were planted but it was up to us to actually run across the map and defuse.

Helicopters, tanks, QUAAAAD bikes, Humvees, UAVs – we used them all and in most cases the enemy didn’t know what hit them. Donncha got a road kill on a sneaky pig engineer with the tank. Unfortunately I missed a similar opportunity with the Humvee. Although I did shoot down a couple of helicopters with the Carl G – including a very tasty tail rotor smash on a Black Hawk. Geoff’s sasbenjr videos on shooting down helicopters (here and here)definitely helped. I’m not guestimating where I should be firing now – now I KNOW where to fire!

Because I was wearing my explosive pants I also had more rockets than normal which meant that I was able to do another ‘sniper go BOOM’ event.

All in all we had a good couple of games. It would have been better, and easier with a full squad but ho hum, that’s the way the shizzle drizzles. We’ll be tearing it up again tomorrow evening (GMT).

Engineer – Red Dot Sight Unlocked
Engineer – 4X Rifle Scope Unlocked
All Kits – Extended Shotgun Magazine (?!) Unlocked
All Kits – Alternate Weapon Package Unlocked (Ohhhh Yeahhh!)

Jut in to level 9.
Assault: 6,030 (unchanged)
Engineer: 15,437 (up from 10,473)
Medic: 16119 (Up from 15,829)
Recon: 6,583 (unchanged)

Vehicle: 10,500 (up from 9,530)

K/D – 0.79 (Up 0.01 from yesterday)

Next Targets:

Assault – Unlock F2000 (1,970 points to go)
Engineer – Unlock AKS-74U (563 points to go)
Medic – Unlock 4X Rifle Scope (1,881 points to go)

Peas and loaves.

Find me on PSN – evaDlivE

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