Made the Shortlist

I’ve not been posting about the Hauppage Fund (my PVR penny jar – for new readers – I’ve been saving for an HD PVR and was charting its progress in the update posts) recently as it’s pretty much down the toilet for the moment. I didn’t want to bore you with the ins and outs of household cashflow so just dropped it from the posts altogether. Gameplay and nonsense is what brings you back here rather than pennies in pots – I’m fairly certain of that anyway.

I’d been nudged in Geoff’s (sasbenjr) direction by WoodysGamertag and straight away I was blogging his channel. Then he started a competition called March Madness back in….March. Essentially it was about contributing to his channel and making it an informative and pleasant place to be.

Well April came and Geoff announced he was the winner, on April 1st. Even without April Fool’s Day I didn’t have a problem with that, although apparently Geoff received a number of negative messages from people who obviously thought that he owed them something…… :-\ Because of the popularity of the channel, Machinima and real life stuff I just assumed that March Madness had been sidelined.

Flash forward a week or so with no mention of March Madness and then KABLAMMO! Update video of the shortlist of those people in the running for the Hauppage. And I’m on it. Which is rocking. There’s a load of really good posters on there too who’ve added a tonne of excellent information and insights into the discussions on there. As a fairly clueless gamer it’s nice to be included along with some of the most clued up gamers out there.

But, March Madness, April Agitations, or May Marauding – it doesn’t matter. I’ve posted about, and on Geoff’s vids because his tips genuinely help me in game. I enjoy the craic with the other peeps on his channel and hope they feel the same.

In the meantime I’ll keep my fingers crossed, but being an eternal also ran I’ll wish all the other guys the best of luck, continue doing the Lottery and keep rooting around in the couch for lost change.

Big thanks to Geoff for his channel, vids and keeping it interesting.

If you haven’t checked out his channel – WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN!?

Peas and loaves.

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