Game Results 10-04-2010

Well, what can I say….it definitely makes a difference having a full squad that works together. Tonight I’d arranged to get online with Donncha. Two of his friends formed the rest of our squad and we were awesome. We didn’t win every round, but in those that failed we came pretty close. But those we did win were complete walk overs.

Don’t forget – this is the weekend when I’d normally expect to be totally destroyed online, but it didn’t happen. Either all the 1337 players were on MW2 or us and the other squads were just really effective. We even used some smoke techniques to prevent the enemy from rushing us, and to help us when we were planting. It made an enormous difference and prevented us from being sniped from across the map. If the enemy wanted the positions they had to get to within spitting distance.

We also had some fun with vehicles – I only crashed one helicopter tonight which is pretty good going. A 90% survival rate for my passengers. Used some C4 on a QUUUUAAAAD to take out an M-Comm building and shot down some helicopters.

It was a great night of gaming. So thanks guys – you were great. And look forward to the next one.

Engineer – AKS-74U Krinkov Unlocked
Engineer – M136 AT4 Unlocked
Engineer – Marksman SMG Training Unlocked
Medic – 4X Rifle Scope Unlocked
Recon – 4X Rifle Scope Unlocked
All Kits – WWII M1A1 Thompson Unlocked

Half way through level 10.
Assault: 7,030 (Up from 6,030)
Engineer: 21,915 (up from 15,437)
Medic: 18,839 (Up from 16,119)
Recon: 9,241 (Up from 6,583)

Vehicle: 11,520 (up from 10,500)

K/D – 0.83 (Up 0.04 from yesterday)

Next Targets:

Assault – Unlock F2000 and the 40mm shotgun gadget
Recon – Unlock the 12X scope

Peas and loaves.

Find me on PSN – evaDlivE

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9 thoughts on “Game Results 10-04-2010

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    • It’s slowly creeping up. Now that I’m becoming more familiar with the maps means that I don’t spawn and then run in the wrong direction as much.

      Plus having the extra gadgets and specialisations makes for a more effective fighter.

      And let’s not forget the impact of your vids. Being able to shoot down as well as fly helicopters works wonders for the old KDR.

  2. My KDR improved from 0.54 to 0.60! I just checked Mark’s stats. Luckily it hadn’t updated. He leveled from 2 to 4 and his KDR remained at 0.6. I wonder how many spot assists he got when he was spotting for us?

    We definitely did something right last night, wrecked this morning and of course my son is bursting with energy!

    • I think we both got our fair share of spot assists, he was on the lower level of the lighthouse and I was up top. I’d looks down, three people would light up from Mark and then I’d press select and there would be another three with fairy lights above their heads. That was one of the best bits. It was like watching a candlelight procession…..but with explosions and shooting, and tanks.

      I especially enjoyed counter sniping from that position – there was one guy called S_aber who was their main sniper dude with an M95. My rifle is nowhere near as powerful as that, but height advantage and careful aiming and he was toast.

      Tiredness….not too bad today even though I didn’t go to bed until much later than I intended – little boyo didn’t wake until about 7.30 so even had a lie in of sorts 😀

      • That S_aber guy got me so many times. He was good!

        I was up and about a bit earlier but surprisingly not totally wrecked. Even though I lost track of time, I was flagging by the time we finished. My aim wasn’t as good, I couldn’t track a player as well as I did earlier in the evening.

        Pleasantly surprised we had so many players to play with at that time of the night, but as you said, it’s the weekend 🙂

  3. Oh, I didn’t know you had actually used the quad bike. I remember you talking about using a quad bike with c4 but didn’t realise you had done it already!

    • After I made a stategic hard landing (crashed it) in the helicopter we spawned and there were two quads there. So I got Mark to put C4 on it and told him the plan. I didn’t expect to succeed, I was actually expecting to either be sniped, or have the C4 hit by someone shooting but no one shot at us at all. We managed to drive the quad right into the building and park it next to the M-Comm.

      I think we need to use more C4 though. We only put two on and although it knocked out the structure it didn’t hurt the objective.

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