Keyboard Woes….Oh Noes!

A cup of tea (yes, I’m in the UK so that is all I drink – sieving it through my ugly misshapen teeth…) was spilled over my laptop last night. This laptop actually. It’s what I do everything on, browsing, editing, email, writing this blog – everything! It’s a Toshiba that’s a couple of years old and already has some battle scars – a missing shift key and the internal fan packed up so there’s PC exhaust fan bolted to it to provide the cooling.

Now there’s a new handicap – the down and right arrow keys don’t work. For me that’s quite a big thing as I use them for navigating all the time. I thought that working with one shift key was difficult but this is like having one hand tied behind my back.

I could always plug in a keyboard but it kind of defeats the point of using a laptop when you’re bogged down with all the equipment of a main PC.

I hope the malfunction doesn’t spread as this is one thing that I definitely cannot afford to replace 😦

Peas and loaves.

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7 thoughts on “Keyboard Woes….Oh Noes!

  1. Oh crikey! The same happened to me but the house insurance paid for a replacement laptop, the “current model” which of course was a higher spec than the year old one that died.

    ‘Course your laptop didn’t totally die. First I’ve heard of them being water resistant!

    • It was closed and the cup spilled on the case. It was actually during our game last night (….it wasn’t me!). Everything was working fine when I posted about the game and replied to stuff on YouTube last night, but this morning – no arrow keys.

  2. I bought a keyboard for my Macbook just because I was getting pains in my hands from typing on the small keyboard but my Macbook has a 13.5 inch screen so it was too far away when I used the keyboard!

    Look on the bright side, if you really have to buy a usb keyboard you can use it on the PS3 too! 🙂

    • I’ve got one that I actually picked up from the recycling centre when I was putting a TV in so I thought it was a fair trade. It was to test a keyboard error on another machine in the house.

      Update on the Woe though – one of the USB ports is also not working….. let’s hope the rot stops there!

  3. Oh sorry to read about your laptop mishaps.

    As Donncha said, if it gets too bad try and claim on your house insurance as hopefully you will be covered for that.

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  5. Oh blinking flip! I just found another thing that’s not working….

    Good news first though – the USB ports are working again, although I’d swap them for the cursor keys .

    But back to the bad news – the CD/DVD drive won’t bloody open! The mechanism won’t release.


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