See Four? Corners.

I underutilise C4 in BFBC2. Mainly because when I use the Recon Class I have the Mortar equipped. However, you can use it with the All Kit sub-class. When paired with Assault you have an infinite supply. Generally I’m all about killing the enemy as sneakily and cheaply as possible to prevent me from dying. I think that’s a fairly healthy attitude to have in game (I don’t suppose it would hurt to use that thinking in real life too).

That’s why you’ll often find me in vehicles or shoving a rocket launcher up someone’s nose. In the last game I played I tried out the QUUUAAAADDD suicide machine with mixed results – including not dying….. But now I have something new to try……

I enjoy SDM on Whitepass, but I think I’m going to enjoy it more with those tips. Lure some guys into a house, jump out the window and KABLAMMO!!

Peas and loaves.

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