Teeny Tiny Blog Update #3

This is the Teeny Tiny Blog Geoff Update for week commencing 11-04-2010

The inside Scoop
Geoff’s got some great videos coming up this week:
How to fly a heli including handy hand cam:

Miscellaneous Topics #7/The Paris-Dakar challenge……:

Dual commentary with Jahaczy
High rise dual commentary with vR_Joker_ (aka Wings of Redemption) featuring Geoff’s gameplay

In the meantime, check out his channel (sasbenjr). If you’ve got a youtube/google account then please rate this video as ratings help prevent the planet from spinning off into the sun.

Only 4,625 to go
Geoff’s trying to get 5,000 ratings on his Helicopter Montage video by the end of April. You’d think that having 5,412 subscribers would make that a fairly straightforward challenge…… But that’s YouTube for you. Get clicky with the clicky clicky. Only 18 days left and at this rate he’ll be lucky to hit a thousand ratings.

YouTube Demographics

The above graphic is from the demographics page on my MrCheapkills YouTube channel. I’ve posted it to point out a glaring error in the stats. As you can see, it shows that female viewers to my channel currently sits at 2%. This is obviously wrong. I’ve been on the intertubes for over a decade now, and I can confirm that there are no women on the internet. And that’s a fact.

Peas and loaves.

Find me on PSN – evaDlivE

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3 thoughts on “Teeny Tiny Blog Update #3

    • He isn’t? Well I stand corrected as you’ve obviously spoken to him…and I haven’t. The reason why I thought he was him and vice versa is because there’s a vR_Joker_ class on WoR’s videos and also a vR_Joker_ 1v1 vid.

      Well you know what they say about assumptions…

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