Game Results 13-04-2010

I wasn’t going to go online last night, well not really. I had a couple of games of Squad Deathmatch on my own as there was no one else online and I was wanting to have a mess about with the All-kits C4 setup – primarily to unlock the F2000 on the assault class, and the 12X scope on the Recon class. It really does take people by surprise when you’re in full wookie suit and fill ’em full o’ holes using the WWII M1A1 Thompson….

Got my first team kill while playing with the C4 as well. Top tip – if you see me planting a load of C4 in a building, it’s probably best to follow me when I run out holding the detonator.

Once I’d unlocked the goodies I got fed up with being put in squads with people who didn’t communicate, people who only spoke German (selfish people! Why don’t they speak English like everyone else…) and “uber-1337 clanners” who think they single handedly carry the team (forgetting about all the red triangles over the enemies heads that I put there for them – not to mentions the kills they “stole” from me) “TEAM”! So I decided to play Single Player.

Single Player is pretty good. This is my first Bad Company game, and I found it to be a bit cheesy to begin with. Loads of cliches and ham acting. But it’s a nice diversion – albeit and completely linear and spoonfed diversion.

Then Donncha pinged online and he invited me to a squad – so away we go. Our squad was me and Donncha (obviously), MarkX2 and majorlynch. This was the second time that we’d had a proper squad together and similar to the previous outing we won every round. Yet again, the opposing team didn’t seem to have a co-ordinated strategy, and yet again we had a load of snipers not helping out at all.

After a couple of games people started calling it a night so I checked my friends list to see what was going on. Geoff (sasben) and Gary (Hypermole) were on so I tried joining their game but ended up on the other team, in a squad of……me. I got one kill, got killed once and then decided to go back to Single Player – I didn’t want to be playing against friends list people, especially as an army of one.

Just as I was getting into it Hypermole sent me an invite so off I went to Rush again and actually got to join mj_whittle who I’d friend listed from Geoff’s channel but hadn’t managed to get in a squad with since. When the game ended Gary left so me and Mr Whittle carried on. We had a couple of good games, I flew Blackhawks without crashing them into the sea, a random guy in our squad listened to me when I told him en route to switch gunner positions so I could circle left over the map and it was all good. Received a million billion revives from mj which was much appreciated, and was probably the only thing that prevented us from running out of tickets as I spent a lot of time dead in those games.

One thing I’ve noticed is that when playing with Donncha my KDR goes up, but when I play with Geoff and chums it goes through the floor. I’m wondering if this is to do with player matching. Donncha, me and the others are quite low level, with low skill levels – but sasben, Hypermole, minato and mj_whittle are all much higher. So unlike MW2, I think that the player matching may actually work in BFBC2, but on a squad average level.

Your thoughts on this?

Peas and loaves.

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7 thoughts on “Game Results 13-04-2010

  1. Maybe when you’re playing with them the enemy avoid Geoff and co. and come looking for you? Or yes, it could be the matchmaking.

    We’ve fought against level 30+ players too. I remember see, because I kept look at their killcams. We were almost buddies I knew them so well. Could just be the luck of the draw.

    Or lag, our first game on Isla was laggy as anything. Mark disconnected and Conor got kicked to the other team. Choppers would “commando lunge” through the sky!

    Still, after our games last night my win/loss ratio is now a very healthy 1.03! KDR dived by 0.01 which isn’t surprising. I had some atrocious KDRs along with the 2 I posted about.

  2. Oh, if you like the single player, you should get the first game too. I almost finished it and it was great fun. The humour and silly banter was more pronounced in that game than the second.

  3. I actually do have a feeling it is the match making. I am coming up against people over level 35 much more regularly now.

    Look out for the MW2 references in the single player campaign!

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