The Cannon Fodder Theme

In the comment’s for Geoff’s BFBC2 – Taking out choppers (Warning: Cheesy Montage) Donncha mentioned the Cannon Fodder and Xenon 2 themes.

I had a thought forming in me head….. and it was going to be AWESOMMMMMME!

So I started putting the plan into action, I found the Cannon Fodder Theme, got the clips together that I needed. Now all I needed was a lightening storm and my creation would come to life muah, muahaha, muahahahahahHAAAAAA!

But wait! What’s this I see……an angry mob of villagers armed with pitchforks and flaming torches (as opposed to the Maglite variety) approaching the castle. They break in and make off with The Cannon Fodder theme – dragged kicking and screaming in to the night.

A rescue operation is needed, but help is at hand – the theme is put to work in a worldwide tour as backing music to Geoff’s video BFBC2 – Squad Rush. I was able to send in my crack squad of ninja squid to steal it back – and that is why Geoff’s version ends early.

So what did I do with the music?


And it’s all old school editing, no scripts, no plugin chicanery – every edit and effect is put in by my fair hands. And that’s proper legit – not 30 second nuke legit.

Peas and loaves.

Find me on PSN – evaDlivE

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8 thoughts on “The Cannon Fodder Theme

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  2. That’s f*cking brilliant! Nice work timing some of the clips with the music too.

    Hehe, “dying in the sun” and the clip is a dropshot on Afghan 🙂

    • Thanks, I tried to work the clips as closely to the song as possible. But not bad for my first music montage.

      My favourite bit is at 1.43 – it’s just a quick bit, but the beat and the video just click together.

      And swearing Donncha?! First Geoff, now you? It’s f*cking disgraceful ;p

      • LOL, my mic must have been muted in those games we played, enough cursing on my part going on anyway! 🙂

        Dunno what I’d do if I ever started recording.

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