BFBC2 Tracer Gun Tips

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**Although the majority of the information in this post is still correct, there is now a Post Patch Tracer Gun Tips post here**

In Battlefield Bad Company 2 you have the option to equip a tracer dart gun on all classes. It’s fairly pointless unless you are playing as the Engineer class, or are in communication with an Engineer on your squad. In most random games you can’t rely on other players to have the RPG-7 or Carl G launcher equipped – or to even notice when an enemy vehicle has been traced.

So what does it do?

The Tracer Dart Gun fires a magnetic projectile at the target (even though it’s magnetic it does magically stick to enemy and friendly infantry alike). The tracer dart does not experience bullet drop like other weapons in BFBC2 so where your crosshairs are pointed is where the tracer dart is going to hit. It’s important to understand this when attempting to plant a tracer dart on a moving vehicle. You will probably need to “lead” most moving targets – and this can be tricky with aerial vehicles such as helicopters.

Once a vehicle (or person) has been traced you can achieve “missile lock” on them using the RPG-7 or Carl Gustav launchers.

How Do I Lock on to a Tracer Dart?

Only the RPG-7 or the Carl Gustav launchers can lock on to a tracer. When a vehicle has been traced it will have a small red flashing square on it which you need to aim your launcher at. Don’t just aim at it and fire! You have to lock on first. How do you do that? You just keep your aim on the square until the distance to target appears in white. When this happens you have lock – fire and forget.

Here’s a good video from psionuk illustrating use of the tracer gun behind enemy lines:

Top tip: You can achieve missile lock through the terrain (this could be a glitch so may get patched at some point). But you’ll still have to aim over/around any obstacles to hit the target… this (thanks Donncha):

Personally I find tracers to be best used against helicopters. Tanks are not manoeuvrable enough for you to miss when firing at them unassisted – unless your aim is off. In the time it takes to plant and lock on with the tracer you could have fired at least two rockets at the vehicle.

For helicopters that are being badly piloted (slow and low to the ground) save your tracers and just shoot them down unguided.

If you have trouble with hitting helicopters then check out this video from sasbenjr which shows how to use the aiming reticule on the launcher:

Part Two of that guide can be found here.

Hope you’ve found this helpful.

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