Weekly-ish Update #6

Been a bit of a slow week – kids are still on Easter holidays and the teeny tiny terror has started sleeping for a decent amount of time through the night so I’ve not been going online during my previous 12am – 2am slot. So not much gaming going on.

But on with the updates:

The Hauppage Fund
Regular readers will be aware of the Hauppage Fund. I previously posted how it was being temporarily reassigned to cover the winter fuel bill and other household costs….. well, the best laid plans of mice and men. I’m back to square one, but without a surf board to sell this time. It’s a good job that I got BFBC2 and a bluetooth mic thing when I did. Current projections for purchasing a Hauppage is 2032.

The BFBC2- MW2 Cannon Fodder Geoff Montage has been doing pretty well on the views compared to everything else I’ve put up – mostly thanks to links from Donncha and Geoff’s relentless plugging of it 😀

One issue that may arise at some point is copyright. I’ve previously posted about this in the Viacom vs YouTube vs Viacom post. The main problem is the soundtrack – even though it’s not been created for commercial gain, the copyright holder could still order YouTube to pull it and maybe even slap me on the wrists at the same time. But we’ll cross that bridge if we come to it. I’ve got a couple of other montages planned with one in progress now. Hopefully I can slip under the radar under the guise of ‘fair use’ – but for all future future projects I’m going to use royalty free music wherever possible.

Fake and Gay
Apologies to any counterfeit homosexuals out there who may be offended by the terminology used, but it is relevant as the term most used in reference to this snippet. I’m not mentioning the YouTuber in question directly as I don’t want to send people his way thus increasing his ego and visibility. But here’s the low down on the fake nuke deal – Scooby Doo’s special friend is to gaming what WWE is to sport. That’s all I have to say on that one.

Blog Stats
Hovering about 200 hits a day – the BFBC2 Multiplayer Survival Guide being the most popular this week.

Blog Search
Another boring week for the search terms. Although for two days running there were a number of hits for “Evil Dave’s Gaming Blog” – not sure if there is another similar gaming blog out there as I googled it and it came up with this one and also something to do with Runescape. Never played Runescape so I have no idea what that’s about – other than something to do with a recipe…. well here’s a recipe for you: Boiling water, one teabag, two sugars and milk – cheers.

Away From Keyboard (afk)
It’s been fairly nice here the past couple of days, although today it’s been pretty cold due to Iceland blowing up and setting climate change forward fifty years. At least it was sunny.

Posts this week:

I’ve been David, and you’ve been awesome!

Peas and loaves.

Find me on PSN – evaDlivE

Player Info

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