Game Results 17-04-2010

So I jumped on BFBC2 and saw that Geoff, I think Hypermole, and a couple of others were online. I decided to join their session…..and it put me on the opposing team, defending, and in a squad on my own on Laguna Presa. I think this is quite a major flaw as this is the second time it’s done it to me, but this time I stuck around until the end of the round. We got trounced (surprise surprise). I saw “we”, I mean “me”. My squad was… The game didn’t put anyone else in with me, and I didn’t have the option to join another so I was basically easy pickings.

No matter, at the end of the embarrassment (and total kicking my KDR took) I joined Geoff’s squad which also had AzZona and IRolling_Thunder. We were on Isla Inocentes and it was the usual story of a team of two halves, wookies and wolverines. We won, not that I can take much credit as this was actually the first game I’d played of anything all week and I was rusty as a rusty thing that had been left on the beach. But I did throw a load of smoke. And I mean A LOT. If nothing else, the enemy team should have died of lung cancer from the amount of smoke I hefted their way.

After Isla Inocentes Geoff had to go and so I sent Donncha an invite to the squad as he’d just popped online (good timing pal). So Val Paraso(?), it was a similar kind of situation with people not really playing the objective. Is it really that hard to understand the concept of an objective!? Anyhoo – did some Black Hawk piloting….and a bit of Black Hawk Down (shot down, not crashed!) before it was just Donncha and I left.

We decided to leave Rush and head to Squad Deathmatch as playing without a full, communicating squad on Rush is just a major pain in the neck. This was after a particularly painful round on Arica Harbour. Luckily we squaded up with two really cool players, MrDippy who didn’t have a mic and hates wookies (or maybe he just hated me being a wookie….) and CavScout34 who did have a mic and sounded a bit like elpresador from YouTube but without the swearing.

We had some fun games, MrDippy admittedly carried the team, but we were there too….. One of the enemy squads had a player called The_Jerk who was being a beast on the Engineer/Scar-L kit (apparently CavScout knew him). It seemed that he was wherever I was trying to be and killed me a load of times. He was the most talked about player by our squad. I got his dogtags muahaha! And I smoked up the battlefield which seemed to make the other squads either hide or run away because I couldn’t find them half the time.

My KDR went down by 0.04, but I did unlock the red dot sight for the recon class (whatever you’d use that for!?), the Uzi for engineer (a beast of a gun), and the teleporting med packs for medic.

That’s it.

Peas and loaves.

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4 thoughts on “Game Results 17-04-2010

  1. At one stage in the town I spawned on you just as you were fighting The_Jerk. You ran out the door and he appeared in a hole in the wall and shot me just as I saw you stab him!

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