Game Results 20-04-2010

Last night was quite eventful.

I’d arranged to go online with Donncha as BFBC2 on your own is not a good idea. While I waited for him to get online I played some single player BFBC2 – I would say some more single player, but I was actually playing the same section for the fourth time. Every time I play it I get pinged to join a game, so I might never complete the SP campaign (I’m not complaining btw, just saying).

So Team Double D entered the fray. I gave the Type 88 sniper rifle with red dot sight a go. Logically it should be fairly devastating, but because of the low fire rate it was no good in my hands. Maybe I’ll try it again in Squad Death Match, but on Rush it was not so good.

Donncha and I were the only two in our squad it was fairly tough going, so when Geoff came online, Donncha shot him him an invite and thankfully he joined us along with another guy whose name I couldn’t work out (so I just called him SK for short). What a difference having a full squad with someone who knows how to use tactics makes. Straight away our squad took the initiative and we helped get the win.

Running Assault we used the smoke to shield the M-Coms and our guys from snipers, and made it difficult for the enemy to advance.

On Port Valdez things were a little different, but we still won as attackers – despite me crashing the attack helicopter with Geoff in it……. I did recall everything he posted in his video, but completely ignored it by nose diving into a tank. Oops.

During all this Geoff had uploaded the Hauppauge winner video to his channel, and it was official. I had won the March Madness (cue ShoopDaWhoop).

Geoff left shortly after that and we became a three man squad. But on Laguna Presa I noticed a familiar name sitting on the UAV – CavScout – one invite later and our squad was complete again. We didn’t do too badly, I don’t think we won, but we came close. Donncha and SK called it a day/night and at the end of the game CavScout and I went off too.

My KDR took a hammering, unlocked the 40mm shotgun attachment for the Assault Class and got another set of dog tags.

Peas and loaves.

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7 thoughts on “Game Results 20-04-2010

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    • Done, played two games where I entered the game on the losing team. Twice. That seems to happen more often these days doesn’t it? Sleep methinks.

      • Your wife must think you (and probably me) are nuts.

        I think when you join a game it automatically puts you on the losing side (unless you’re invited to a squad) to shore them up. The problem is that in most cases a side is losing for a very good reason – too many wookies and not enough wolverines.

        I’m still looking forward to unlocking the M60, it’s not going to happen before Wednesday though…..

  2. From what I read on a reddit post you might have 2 weeks to try out the unpatched M60! Some people noticed changes but others haven’t.

    Nuts? Nah, she just worries when I’m up late too often. On that note, I’m very glad I had a decent sleep last night. Feel great today šŸ™‚

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