Game Results 23-04-2010

I decided tonight that I was going to unlock the M60 and totally abuse it until it gets patched. Formed up a squad with Donncha and CavScout and away we went on Rush. We did pretty well. We won more than we lost (which must be down the skill matching) and I unlocked the M60. While I was playing with the squad I didn’t think that the M60 was any more effective than the M249. But when I played a couple of rounds of Squad Death Match after Donncha and Cav had left I noticed that it killed incredibly fast with headshots.

Is it overpowered……. don’t be silly. As far as I’m aware it’s relatively difficult to survive being shot in the head.

And it was dog tag central tonight – including a TRIPLE knife. I think it was a whole squad as there was a medic, recon and an assault guy all whispering sweet nothings to each other in a bush on Isla Inocentes……until I interrupted their little love-in with my Gut-o-Matic 3000.

Managed to drag my KDR back up to 0.81 too.

Here’s Donncha’s take on the games.

And the stats:

Peas and loaves.

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3 thoughts on “Game Results 23-04-2010

  1. 61 dog tags? That’s impressive! I haven’t knifed anyone in a long time. I’ve only got 16! They usually happen more often as accidents than anything else.

    I thought we lost more games than won didn’t we? We did hold them back fairly well most of the time. Apart from one or two base overruns we made them work hard for their wins!

    I know I was way too tired to play well last night. I had to lower the sensitivity on my controller because I was shooting wildly. I cannot manage to track an enemy running across in front of me. It’s frustrating as I’ve missed so many easy kills to that.

    • Win/lose – I felt like we were winners and that’s all that matters. Actually I can’t remember. The way we played and the amount of fun I was having made it feel like we were winning more than we were losing. My Win/Loss hasn’t really changed so it could have been 50/50.

      Dog tags. DOG TAAAAAAAAGS! Because of the knifing on MW2 I’m more likely to use the knife at close quarters – especially if they’ve got their back to me. So when clearing buildings I’ll probably pick up one or two dog tags. And then sometimes you get lucky in the bushes……

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