The [KEN] is dead, long live the [KEN]

I’d been wondering why over the last couple of days there had been so many search results ending here regarding the “WING” tag. For those who may not know, Machinima Director Ken Burton created a Keep Everything Nice [KEN] campaign in an attempt to cut down, or limit the amount of douchery in gaming. In response, Wings of Redemption allegedly (“allegedly” because I never saw the original video) encouraged his followers to use the [WING] tag which stands for We Inspire Nasty Gamers (or Gaming). I have posted about this before, so if you use the search you’ll find many posts on the subject.

I don’t watch Wingsofredemeption videos and although I support Ken in his campaign I don’t really follow his channel that closely so I wasn’t sure why there was so much interest in WING.

But I did watch Ken’s most recent ‘DailyRant‘ video and it explains the sudden resurgence in WING popularity. Ken has been having a couple of issues lately with his “crew”. And as it turns out he chucked one of them out for using the WING tag (so that explains the interest on the search). More importantly, the KEN crew have been disbanded. In the video Ken states that he sort of realised that it wasn’t really going to work out about a month in to the campaign.

But it’s not the end of the campaign – the [KEN] tag continues as before. Just the gatekeepers are gone.

Peas and loaves.

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