Game Results 25-04-2010

Donncha and I had a couple of games of Rush last night. He’s already done a fairly good job of summing up the events here.

A couple of bits to add – on Arica Harbour, when we spawned we saw all the tanks being driven off with only one person in each….tossers. So we took a humvee with me at the wheel and Donncha on the fifty. The plan, zoom down the road, hang a right, bail at the wall and plant the bomb. ZOOOOOOOOM – job done. Our team mates took out the other base and that was area one clear in less than two minutes. Donncha picked me up in the humvee and we got to the top of the hill…..where there was a road block caused by a tank just sitting there. We decided to go around and just bomb it down to A. We got there with no resistance and found that the roller doors over A were shut and neither of us had considered this….. I threw a grenade which had no effect. “Get to B” says I – which is conveniently across the street. We got in there did the plant and I ran up the stairs waiting to cover the bomb, Donncha stopped half way up so I got my defibs ready just in case, but he wasted everyone that came near.

Once B was gone we ran back to A which had the doors blown off. Great! Donncha went in first – and he went down, as I entered I checked to the left and there were THREE dudes there! TRIPLE SPRAY – and a revive on Donncha. Bomb planted and we just had to keep it that way. Unfortunately for me, one of our “team” came in and decided to stand behind me, so when an enemy engineer came in I couldn’t strafe and got killed. A got destroyed anyway and off we went again.

At the next stage there was a pesky sniper who kept picking me off……until I Recon’d him and then switched back to whatever I was before – probably Medic as I was looking to abuse the M60 as much as possible before they nerf it.

After Donncha called it a night I had a couple of rounds of Squad Death Match. Previously I’ve said that I didn’t think that the M60 was all that, but when you unlock Magnum Ammo and stick that on it really is a laser rifle.

Artists impression of the Medic Class with M60/Magnum Ammo load out.

It’s obvious that not everyone watches Geoff’s videos – especially the bit about not bunching up. Not only did I get the triple spray in Rush, I got a QUUUUAAAAD! during SDM. That’s it guys, work as a team, move as a team, get killed as a team – lovely 😀

Stats are fairly stationary:

I then decided to have a go at Modern Warfare 2…..

I haven’t played MW2 since I got into BFBC2……and the difference is phenomenal. BFBC2 is designed as a battle game, MW2 is Quake Arena. In MW2 where ever you spawn you’re in danger immediately, the maps are so close that there is literally nowhere to hide. I played three games, all of which I joined late. The first was TDM and the team I was on was being decimated by the weekend tenth prestige try hards – there was air support continually in the air and it was an utter rout. I thought I’d give Domination a go, since kills aren’t as important there – it was on Favela. I had a quite enjoyable game and it was a very narrow loss – something like 200 – 198. And then I thought that since there is no team work or communication I may as well go into FFA. So FFA on Underpass – went 11-14, but had joined late and shot down someone’s air support three times.

I will revisit MW2 when I’ve got time to spend on it, but right now BFBC2 is a much more enjoyable game for me. It’s more tactical, there’s better communication and it makes people work for the objective. If only I had more people on my Friends List to squad up with…..

Peas and loaves.

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3 thoughts on “Game Results 25-04-2010

  1. Great summary! I had forgotten we rushed to A and took that too, probably because I was dead when the bomb went off 🙂

    I’m still amazed we weren’t picked off when we were standing outside A like dummies. We need an engineer or someone with C4 next time!

    • I completely forgot that there was a locked door to A….. and foolishly thought that our team would have beaten us to it. Especially as they were so keen to nab the tanks.

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