CoD Snore… ZZzzzzz

Hey! Let’s all play Call of Duty 4! It’s soooooo awesome, it’s the most perfect game ever made…..

No it’s not, and no it wasn’t. When I was playing up until my 360 RROD’d (Red Ring of Death) the majority of people who played it and also posted on forums/YouTube spent their time complaining about pretty much everything – sort of like it is with Modern Warfare 2 now. Everything was given the suffix -noob. Juggernoob, martyrnoob, M16noob……okay the last one doesn’t really fit, but that’s how it was. Whatever weapon/perk you chose there was someone waiting to call you a “[insert whatever here]-noob”.

People complained that the game was “broken”……

Any of this sound familiar?

So now if you go on YouTube you find the very same people who spent the last days of CoD4 complaining about it now putting up video after video of…..CoD4. They’re all gushing about how great it is, and how crappy MW2 is.

Personally, I find it boring. Every video is the same. There is no variation in CoD4 – it is Ogga Ug Banga Whack Whack. All the weapons were equalised, all the killstreaks are the same…BOOOOOOOORING!

The most amusing “I love Cod4” video I’ve seen so far was when the commentator was lamenting about how powerful the assault rifles in MW2 are. How they are all you see in MW2 whereas in CoD4 you can use an assault rifle, an smg or a shotgun and do equally well with any of them……. Ogga….. Ug….. Banga….. Whack….. Whack……

In MW2 I use a variety of different weapons, but let’s be honest here: an assault rifle SHOULD be more powerful than an smg and have more range than both an smg or a shotgun. The clue is in the name.

CoD4 is the epitomy of nerfdom. If you’re thinking of complaining about something being overpowered, or unbalanced in any game STOP! Think……do you want to be playing a game that presents a challenge, or do you want to be playing Ogga Ug….. I mean CoD4? Before you put your indignant fingers to keyboard why not just trade in your obviously broken and unbalanced game and pick up a copy of CoD4?

It’s the perfect game apparently….

And while I’m posting about being bored by some people’s YouTube videos, here are a couple of other things that make me stop watching a video:

  • Sniper rifle – especially if it is 1337 n05c0p3Zzzzz
  • UMP45 – an ACTUAL overpowered gun that -surprise, surprise- no one complains about because it’s what all the cool kids use……
  • complaining….. just plain old bitching about everything. If you don’t like a game – don’t play it. Problem solved.
  • And that concludes my rant.

    Peas and loaves.

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4 thoughts on “CoD Snore… ZZzzzzz

  1. I find it kind of annoying but I guess I can understand.

    MW2 is clearly broken in very obvious ways whereas CoD4’s issues are more subtle. People are looking back on CoD4 with rose-tinted, nostalgia-ridden glasses. There are problems, sure, but they’re fewer, and they’re less prone to let any random idiot go 40-3 and call in a nuke to win the game.

    I’m gonna post on my blag at some point soon about the UMP. The most ridiculous gun in the game. Period. I checked my prestige stats last night — twice the total kills with the UMP than any other gun in the game. The damn thing is too good.

    • Watching some of the videos it also seems that the people making the videos enjoy CoD4 because they get it all their own way. Running around being BEAST!!!11!11eleventy! against the relatively small amount of players available on CoD4. Add host into the bargain and it’s the best game ever made. I know I have a much better time playing games where things go my way.

      • Those who played CoD4 and were good at it originally like it better than MW2 because there’s less random/bullshit ways for them to die.

        Due to the perks, air support, grenades, etc. CoD4 is much more supportive of run-and-gun play styles even without Marathon and Lightweight. There’s a lot of reasons for it, actually, and every little piece in MW2 adds up to it being a campers’ game.

        “Pro” CoD4 players don’t like this. So, they talk shit on MW2 and go back to play CoD4 where they die less by camper bullshit.

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