Game Results 27-04-2010

So Team Double D were tearing up again last night. Pwning noobs and the like. Ahhh rose tinted memories. Like finally finding and killing the sniper who had picked me off about five times on Arica Harbour before teabagging his still warm corpse for much longer than was necessary – but it should have made a REALLY infuriating kill cam for him. I don’t usually go in for teabaggery – it’s not my…. erm, bag. But this was a special case.

On defence the other team seemed to have about four or five guys who would hang back and take out defenders. These were total scummy high ranking KD whores. Therefore it was my mission to flank them and grind them under the rusty wheels of my totally legit M60/Magnum ammo combo. What’s good enough for the goose…… Thanks for the dogtags guys.

Donncha has his account of the games here. I joined his game as attacker on Port Valdez – I was a bit rusty and all over the place so after making many bad decisions I thought it was best for the team and the ticket count to counter-snipe. Spotting and mortaring in between getting Ollier-something-or-other who was doing some work with the Type 88 sniper.

On defense I was Medic mostly before changing it up to Engineer to take out their tank. Double kill of the match for me was a toss up between taking out two snipers and a medic who had decided to go into the construction behind us rather than plant the bombs (thanks for the dog tags OllierDude), or the double kills with the Carl G on a quad that came roaring towards me – an encounter that I was certain was going to end in a suicide for me, and one that the driver was obviously hoping for a road kill out of….. one of us was disappointed.

We joined Team Geoffinator along with tobacco_kills for a tear up on Arica Harbour, but as Hypermole joined we desquaded and it was Team Geoffinator and Team Double D again. Our run to A on the second stage didn’t quite go according to plan when I crashed the humvee into the doorway and blocked it…… in between laughing I managed to alert Donncha to get to B who was trying to get into A in vain. B didn’t go according to plan either as our previous successful tactic was scuppered by a scummy Medic with his M60. Honestly, how bad a player do you have to be to run around as Medic with the M60?

So when we were defending I was Medic, using the M60 with magnum ammo. It’s totally pro! I don’t really know what happened but, and excuse the language here, we totally spawn killed the shit out of them when we were at stage two. I got in a tank, drove it up the hill and took out a couple of guys before things got too hot and we had to bail. It seemed like an age before they made it down the hill.

Eventually people started drifting off, and when White Pass came up Donncha called it a night along with half the team. I decided to stay on for the match – which we were obviously going to lose, but decided to go behind enemy lines and massage my KD.

All in all, my stats are stationary again. A great night, some great moments and a fantastic craic.

Peas and loaves.

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2 thoughts on “Game Results 27-04-2010

  1. I had totally forgotten that incident with the car and Alpha. That was a WTF moment. I think the other team robbed it afterwards. Neither of us had ammo to blow it up or more likely thought of it.

    I did wonder what all of your were doing up in that base. There was only 2 or 3 of us down in the town, and that damn engineer flanked us and took out the bases. That’s a new strategy for that map! “Allow” yourselves to be spawn trapped and get one guy to go take the bases!

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