Haddock anyone?

Check this video out:

Watched it? Well even if you haven’t I’d like to make some general points about it….

  • It’s FFA at Gun1t International Airport
  • Non-Prestige lobby
  • “But, yeah” “yeah” “yeah” “but yeah” Wizard sounds really familiar….can’t quite work out who he reminds me of
  • The “director’s channel” is a co-lab channel
  • No one actually trying to kill Gun1t Wizard – even when they are running straight at him

It would be quite embarrassing for Machinima to be faked out twice.

I smell fish. What do you guys think?

Peas and loaves.

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6 thoughts on “Haddock anyone?

  1. Smells a bit fishy alright. I haven’t watched any videos by Gun1t besides that nuke video but he was awfully lucky not to be shot. That guy in the corner definitely needed glasses!

    • You mean the guy he had just shot from the ticket counter who then came back, sat BEHIND him in the corner and then shot to his side as if to say “Hey buddy…over here”? Yes, that was incredibly lucky. Currently he’s giving me abuse in the comments section of the video for questioning his legitimacy…..

  2. Have to diagree with you there Dave , this video looks real to me . He has people shooting at him and throwing grenades and they got a few hitmarkers .
    Its FFA and the players are not normally any good as you can see on the video 🙂
    Gunits videos were just a joke I dont think one person even shot at him or threw a stun or grenade over the whole two fake nuke videos

    • Thanks for posting a counter view. I like it when people have an opposing opinion and can actually explain it without the usual internet drama and abuse.

      I get what you’re saying, but he does only take damage from the random grenade at about 1 minute in. Also the guys who are rushing him, are the same two players….who don’t seem to know how to use a gun, or grenades (despite one of them being level 70). To go flawless with his airsupport he really only needs to be fed maybe seven kills.

      For how long did Gun1t go about saying that his nuke videos were legit and not set up? He’d have probably gotten away with a big question mark over the status if he hadn’t released his ludicrous knife nuke video.

      The player says it’s legit, I’m unconvinced. But it really doesn’t matter. I saw it, I called it. If I’m wrong then apologies and retractions, and if I’m right then…..I’m right.

  3. yeah just watched it again and the same jokers keep rushing , still think its down to the players being rubbish rather than a setup .
    I think thats the reason most videos posted on Machinima are from FFA,TDM ,DOM as the quality of the players is normally very poor compared to say SND where the players tend to be better .

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