Democracy in Action

I love the excitement of a good election race. The debates, the manifestos, the whistle stop tours of places to get votes – the obviousness of who the winner will be long before the votes are counted.

Democracy, it’s a wonderful thing. And yet again, I’m still not talking about the UK General Election. The concepts still apply though.

In my last ‘It’s Election Time….‘ post I described how the majority demographic that bothers to vote reflects the values/persona of the person/party that will win the election. After all, democracy is nothing more than a big popularity contest with the end result being a continuation of the status quo regardless of who you vote for.

Previously, and despite voting for OnlyUseMeBlade, I said that it was a one horse race. That the winner would be Tejb as he most closely matches the majority demographic of the YouTube/Machinima Respawn community. So far I am spot on the money:

Will there be an upset? The xcalizorz peeps seem to be getting a bit more vocal…..

Peas and loaves.

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