Game Results 01-05-2010

Well, what can I say….


That pretty much sums up tonights gameplay. OnlyUseMeStabbyThing in the house! In roughly two hours I jumped from 67 to 92 dogtags. My KD is up to 0.82 (not that it really matters) and I had a blast.

We were watching True Blood on the telly and then I got permission to shoot people in the face, so I checked PSN online and saw Donncha was on. As soon as I logged in, he pinged me – I like that 🙂 But when I tried to join, the server was full, another invite and I was in. Defending Arica Harbour if I remember correctly. Once we were down to the Last Stand, Mike (mj_whittle) pinged me, I checked the squad and there were only three of us so one invite later and we were a full squad. The attackers were then presented with a problem – an impenetrable wall of smoke to get to the last M-Com station…… and the four of us mowing down anything that moved.

For the next couple of games were golden – literally. Gold Squad all the way, me, Donncha, Mike and Silent Dave (I don’t think he has a mic). Donncha’s thoughts on the games can be found here. Like Donncha, I’m not sure if we won every round, but if we didn’t we bloody well should have.

I picked up a new pin as well – the M-Com Attacker Pin, which means that at some point I destroyed 4 M-Coms in one round….. Cool.

It has to be said, in BFBC2 you have to have a good squad and good comms to do well. For a lot of the time on defence the enemy were nowhere to be seen. I’m not sure if there’s some sort of Team Ninja game mode being planned, but we were playing Rush, so it would have been advisable for the enemy to actually rush at some point. They made it far to easy for us to pick them off in ones and twos from our ad hoc skirmish lines.

Best moment for me was on Port Valdez as attackers, it was the last push, and it lasted…..maybe two minutes. Mike and I jumped in the tank, me driving. Mike was shooting down the enemy Blackhawk and as we started to draw fire I decided the best offence was a good offence (yes, I wrote that correctly) – we bombed it up to A in the tank, jumped out and planted using the tank for cover fire. At the same time our other team mates (*update – turns out it wasn’t our Team Mates, it was Donncha and Silent Dave! No wonder we got Gold Squad) had planted B and there it was “Your Team has Won!”.


So thanks guys, great games. Here’s to many more.

Peas and loaves.

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6 thoughts on “Game Results 01-05-2010

  1. I think we won 5 games in a row last night. When defending we were always pushed back to the last base, but we made them work for each crate. Amazing games though. We were finally matched to teams that mostly matched our own abilities/skill levels.

  2. Oh yeah, I was just reading this and reminded me of the great job you did laying down smoke in our last base on Arica Harbour. We’d probably have been toast without it as they got the other crate.
    The combination of assault and medic on our team definitely helped! 🙂

    • I was actually surprised at how ineffectual the enemy were on that last M-Com. There were hardly any grenades coming in, the medics who rushed didn’t come in with guns blazing (which is what I’d do) – they’d stumble in, look around and then start firing.

      They didn’t even make an organised offense on the objective – not that I’m complaining. I like disorganised enemies 🙂

      I think that smoke scares a lot of people as it is rarely used in the games we play by anyone other than us.

      • I think they gave up! David and I were in Bravo and only had one defender to deal with in all the time the bomb siren was going off. Quite amazing. I remember seeing a tank going for Alpha but didn’t know it was the two of you, and I remember calling out that were in Bravo if you wanted to respawn. Lucky it wasn’t necessary!

  3. I didn’t realise it was you two who got Bravo. I’ve updated the post to reflect that. Team Double D doin’ the do. No wonder we were Gold Squad on that one.

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