Game Results(ish) 02-05-2010

This morning I had a go of two demos that I’d downloaded from the Playstation Store: Lost Planet 2, and Skate 3.

One I was impressed with, the other I did not like.

I used to skateboard when I was kid – before it was cool (and after it had been cool in the 70’s), and hardly anyone did it. Consequently there was only me and my friend Stuart with these massive fat skateboards. We didn’t know any tricks and there weren’t any skate magazines at the time, no YouTube to learn “sick tricks” from, and no internet to find out that we weren’t the only people on the planet with skateboards. So we pretty much skated around looking like nutjobs trying to pull off puny pathetic ollies.

Many moons later when skateboarding became a multi-million dollar industry games like Tony Hawk came out, and then later the Skate series from EA. Historically I was more of a Tony Hawk fan, but Skate 3 has changed that. The demo is only short, I think you have 20 minutes of play time, most of which I spent in the training section being yelled at by the guy from ‘My Name is Earl‘ (I think it’s him). I didn’t actually get to do any free skating, but the training was definitely a lot more useful than similar titles – and it was enjoyable as well as achievable. Nice control interface too.

And then we have Lost Planet 2….. It’s a multiplayer demo unlike the original Lost Planet which had a single player option. I’ve deleted it already without even completing one round online.


The teeny tiny terror had an early early nap this afternoon so I thought I’d hop on and see what was going on. No one was on so I had one game of Rush as an attacker. There’s one thing worse than a silent squad – a squad mate with a mic who doesn’t speak, whose mic picks up everything that’s going on in their house….. There was no team work. I took the initiative destroyed two M-Com stations on Val Paraiso which seemed to gee up the team a bit, but we missed out on stage three and lost the game.

After that I decided to go in to Squad Death Match to massage my stats and unlock some unlocks. The “teams” I was on didn’t win a single round, especially when you have people camping in the hope that someone walks in front of their cross hairs. One cheeky bastard on my squad even had the cheek air knife me. I’d just cleared out a crevice and was AFC – so I was just standing there, when this engineer (on my squad) came over and air knifed me……. I thought he was just giving me a bit of nudge so off I trotted. But when I looked back he was just standing there where I was….. so I lobbed a 40mm grenade at him and then carried on. A death later and he was still in the same spot. Cheeky get! So I went up to him while he was reloading his Carl-G, stood in front of him and started knifing him in the face (NOT SO MUCH FUN NOW IS IT!). I did that until an unfriendly medic spotted us and got himself a double kill.

Point proven, I left.

So here’s the thing – I don’t like playing in a non-comm squad. You don’t like playing in a non-comm squad….. so why do so many people do it? I can’t wait until the MW2 map pack is released on the PS3 – that way maybe all the MW2 eejits will take their lone wolf one man army mentalities and slink back to that.

Peas and loaves.

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5 thoughts on “Game Results(ish) 02-05-2010

  1. I downloaded the Lost Planet 2 demo as well, but haven’t played it yet. Actually, it was that which had my PS3 on all afternoon when I forgot to switch it off.. Darn machine doesn’t sound like a turbine like the Xbox!
    Hard luck on the games. It is occasionally possible to get on good teams who don’t use a mic but they’re far and few between. I just recalled one game where I heard nothing all game but a burp from one of my squad late in the game. WTF!

    Was that guy knifing the air AFK or something and using some sort of bot maybe? Maybe he put his controller down and pressed the right button in while he went off for a cup of tea!

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