Game Results 04-05-2010

Donncha has posted his account of tonights escapade here.

When I went online I was all on my lonesome, so as per usual hopped on to Squad Death Match. Erm…. to be honest I can’t remember much about the games… Arica Harbour maybe, did really badly? Something like that. I think I didn’t mesh into the opposition play style and so just got killed by the assault guys running amok on the ground, or wookies in the hills.

I even missed Donncha’s invite…… and then saw it 15 minutes later. After a couple of false starts we managed to find a game where it put us on the same team. It was hard going just the two of us. Eventually we pulled together a full squad of Donncha, Silent Dave, Minato88, and me. What a difference a full squad makes! On Nelson Bay I managed to get a number of kills using the Heavy MG until a sneaky engineer managed to duck my hail of bullets long enough to blast me to kingdom come with an AT-4.

We won those rounds, and we had a fairly easy time of it for the most part. Minato88 called it a night/afternoon after Nelson Bay, and Donncha after the defense of Port Valdez – which was something of a romp as they got A by using Destruction 2.0, but failed to get anywhere near B on the first base. Mainly because Donncha and Silent Dave were in construction manning the heavy weapons and I was at the fence smoking the area up. That’s not to say there weren’t any hairy moments. I had my fair share of deaths and kills….. and dog tags.

I’m now up to 117 dog tags.

I don’t know what the other team were playing at, but it certainly wasn’t Rush. When it was our turn to attack I switched to the Medic Laser Rifle class. I parachuted in and considered my options before hopping on a QUAAAAAAD. Then a random team mate jumped on the back. Okay….. let’s go! I took the left side of the hill, bombed it down there and swept around our tank that was acting as a rocket magnet. Smashed into the fence on the left side of B, hopped off, planted and got to the fence on B side. Four defenders later and B was destroyed followed shortly by A.

It was a case of rinse and repeat, with Silent Dave and I charging for one M-Com while our team went for the other. The only stumble was was the last bases where after getting to B via the pipeline a sneaky git shot us from the sky light. Our team took out both A and B though while we chilled out at the spawn.

The last round we played was Arica Harbour on defence. Our team did fairly shit. Yet again people milling around an armed M-Com, but not defusing. It gets tiresome running across the map because the donkey two feet away is too scared of ruining their K/D.

I started off as Assault, then changed to Recon using a sniper rifle to spot and mortar the enemy. Until we got to Last Stand – then it was Assault with the Shotgun Laser Cannon deal……. SURPRISE, BITCHES! They weren’t expecting that when they tried to get in at A. But we lost anyway.

A good couple of games, would have liked to have had a clean sweep, but it can’t always go your way. My K/D and Win/Loss haven’t moved again. Maybe I’ve peaked 😉

Peas and loaves.

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6 thoughts on “Game Results 04-05-2010

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  2. I was thinking the tree huggers wouldn’t like me in that game of Port Valdez. The heavy MG was perfect for mowing down the forest outside the base, and even made some serious dents in the concrete walls in front too. Much easier then to spot the enemy. That engineer who persisted in going up on the pipes way off in the distance was a pain though. He got me once with an RPG. I saw him die twice though, once by me, did you get him the other time? He was spotted at the time.

    I’d love to have your KDR! The games last night helped a lot, especially one game where I got 10 kills and only 2 deaths. I think that was Port Valdez but I did respectfully well running and gunning too. The magnum ammo definitely helped.

    • The guy on the pipes must have been had by someone else. I fired at him a couple of times but from my position I couldn’t hit him. I did get a spot assist on him though.

      I heard you saying to Silent Dave to get the trees when you first started out on the heavy weapons. You’ve got to be careful when using those though, luckily the other team were really rubbish. Personally I’d have sniped the both of you from the spawn before moving in.

      • Yeah, I didn’t mean to stay there the whole time but it was proving effective. I did get snipped a few times but the shield on the MG helps. When I did die it was an RPG to the face, and a guy who flanked us.

        The other team really didn’t do a good job though 🙂

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