Game Results and Quicky Update

This post has games round up from last night and this morning, and a couple of quick bits that don’t merit a post on their own.

First the quickies:

Search terms.

I noticed two today that I can provide answers for immediately:

bfbc2 was ist besser rpg oder carl g 2 (BFBC2 what is better the RPG-7 or the Carl-G)?

The Carl G. It travels faster and has more explosive power. Die Carl G. Es bewegt sich schneller und hat mehr Brisanz. – Answer translated using Google

hard to get sniper kills bfbc2

Stop trying to quickscope and use the sniper rifle as a sniper rifle, take your time and get a headshot. It’s easy to get kills when you use the kit properly.

Order status is still “Order Taken” – but it has been Bank Holiday weekend so there probably won’t be any movement on that until Tuesday (4th May 2010) at the earliest.

The Complaining Bandwagon
Wow. A couple of people post CoD4 gameplays and say that MW2 sucks and it spreads like some horrible disease. The main gripe is that Infinity Ward apparently made a game that made it easy for rubbish players to do well….. okay, let’s bear that in mind. Soooo, surely the “good” CoD4 players would be absolutely god-like on such a nooby game? They’d have nothing to complain about right? It would seem not. But one thing that puzzles me is that if MW2 is so bad, and these players are so 1337, why are they going back to CoD4 instead of playing the apparently much more skillful Halo series (I say ‘apparently’ as I’m not a Halo dude)?

Big fish, little pond.

Game Results

Last night I decided to ramp it up a notch with the “Cheap things to do before the patch” list. It was shotgun/magnum/slug combo time. Whoosh! As long as your aim is on, the other person is dead. It’s not for spray and pray type gameplay because if you miss on the first shot and the enemy see you then you’re dead. And it does have unbelievable range. Yes, it’s really cheap and open to abuse, but it’s not really a big deal. Long range shots are difficult as you can’t zoom in and unless you are really lucky, or playing against really bad players you’re outgunned if you miss the first shot. It’s more for larking about than using as a serious weapon – which is why I was (ab)using it in Squad Death Match when I went online.

Initially I was on a French speaking squad – no big deal. After all je mange la salle du bains! I can understand very basic French so got the gist of what they were on about when calling out enemy locations – on one occasion I even managed a call out myself – “garage sous la maison“. They must have thought I was a bit weird as that was the only thing I said, and I was dressed as a wookie, running around with a shotgun…… (I was using it to get enough points to unlock the spotting scope on that kit).

After a couple of rounds one of the French guys left and Mike (mj_whittle) joined the squad. I explained my loadout and I think he gave it a go for a little while before changing it up to something else. One excellent use for the Shotgun Laser Cannon is taking out snipers – while they have to scope in and reduce their field of view you’re free to bring the sights up and out shoot them (as long as you can do some Halo jumps to avoid the inevitable incoming rounds).

By the time we got to Whitepass an American guy (GRIMREAPER341) had joined the squad. Initially he wasn’t talking much – he probably couldn’t get a word in between Mike and I, but by the end of the round we were helping each other will call outs. I think on that round Mike got pretty much half the kills needed by the team (what a beast). That was the last round we played on Death Match, I was getting a bit bored of it and wanted a bit more action so I suggested we head to Rush. Mike agreed and I asked our American cousin if he wanted to join us – I’m nice like that. He agreed and so I sent him a friend invite and off we went to Rush.

I think the first round we played on Valparaiso was a bit of rout, for us – so we dumped that team and rejoined. We joined on Isla Inocentes as defenders and it was a loss. I flew the gunship on the last base thing while Grim took gunner position, but even though we didn’t see anyone they got the final two M-Com stations really quickly as it seemed that only Mike was defending.

That all changed on the attack, we hopped in the Blackhawk with me piloting and so I stated my intentions – “I’m crashing the helicopter into B” – it is Rush after all (what’s the point of pussy footing around in the air when you can arm the bomb). So while I armed B, the others armed A. B was destroyed, I got killed and A was disarmed. I spawned back at base and got in a shiny new Blackhawk. This time I picked up a random gunner – LocoNorwegian or something like that. I had intended to use it to get back to the island, but since I had a gunner I couldn’t speak to I thought it would be a bit rude to just crash him into the island. So we went on a little pleasure flight around the bay. He got me a load of assist points by being a beast on the minigun. I flew in low circles around the island and he did a lot of work. The enemy didn’t seem interested in shooting us down – which was nice. This was handy when A got planted and we basically hovered in front of it with the minigun blaring.

I attempted to pre-empt the advance, but the invisible barrier of death appeared…… which I just managed to avoid by flying backwards. In the end I crashed the helicopter in to B and we were on for the next base. I think we went on to lose that round, but I had great fun so it’s not all bad.

As far as I recall we successfully defended and attacked on Laguna Presa and that was the night that was – 2am!

And quickly – this morning I had a couple of rounds of Squad Death Match. Nothing much to say really, I had unlocked the Spas-Combat and so gave that a go. The stats on the Spas and the M870 are identical (Ogga Ug!) although the reload is very slightly longer on the Spas…… so use the M870 (unless the Spas makes you feel more like a badass). I spent my time running around with that, and a load of C4. I was essentially making my own manual claymores. Did you know that if you place enough C4 in one spot in the loft you blow most of the roof off as well? During the third round, lag started to creep in and the shotgun was no longer viable.

The funniest thing was the guys on my squad weren’t speaking English, their tag was UAE and they were talking in a language from that sort of region (although I suspect they were in the UK) – but it didn’t matter because their chat was hilarious. I couldn’t understand a word they were saying, but the inflections in their voices told me all I needed to know about what was happening. It’s also nice to know that “C4” and “Boom” are universal words.

That is all.

Peas and loaves.

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3 thoughts on “Game Results and Quicky Update

  1. Wow, you were busy! Nice collection of dog tags too!

    My wife is out tonight, my arm is sore though so not sure if I’ll be on. I’ll email you later if I can get through that pain barrier.

    If I play anything it’ll be BC2, just to piss off all those players in the US waiting for Halo Reach to be activated for them 🙂

    • I’ve got 93 unique dogtags and just over 100 in total. I’m quite pleased with that.

      My right hand is quite sore as we went ten pin bowling on Saturday so we can be handicapped together.

      Let me know if you go on, I think Mike is going to be on, and I’ve just got the green light from the other half.

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