Now Showing! and mini Hauppauge Update

Mini Hauppauge update first:-

As suspected the guys and gals at were on a long Bank Holiday weekend. Which means that today they’ve ordered my order in the order in which I thought they would:

The status is now “Awaiting Stock” – all fine and dandy. Unfortunately Geoff’s probably going to miss the premiere of any vids due to offline commitments.

But talking of Geoff…..

Now Showing!

Geoff has uploaded a couple of vids over the past week. A two part rush attacking on Valparaiso (part one here) and another miscellaneous tips video (#8) which you can see here:

But wait…. Donncha and I are in it, along with the guy whose name I couldn’t say so referred to as ‘SK’ – all from one of the games reported in this post. I say we were in it…. our chattery tags are in it. I make a special appearance hiding in a building abusing the medic kit and not really helping. I do make a quick cameo when Geoff turns around to reload though:

Who's that handsome fella there?'s me!

Yes, if you look at the tabs on the browser you can see that I’m checking out Azarimy’s sketchstation that Donncha posted about here. If you haven’t already seen that guys cartoons, you should check him out.

Peas and loaves.

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