Spot the Prestige Hackers…

The screen shot in this post is from a rather well known YouTuber. I’m not showing the names on the list as I think that’s a bit much, and the YouTuber in question is NOT a prestige hacker. But a number of people on his friends list are…..

I only noticed the hacking when I saw the impossible amount of time that one person had been playing for – 10,682 days. Which by my calculations works out as approximately 29 years. Now, don’t get me wrong, I like to make sure that I’m in possession of all the facts. So I checked Wikipedia and found that time travel, although theoretically possible while moving into the future (using ultra fast speeds time would slow for a traveller compared to the surrounding time/space) is not possible for travelling back in time. Therefore, that player is definitely a prestige hacker. The guy two spots below is also either the most beastly player too, or a hacker – level 70 tenth prestige in less than three days? Yeah right.

But Prestige Boosting/Hacking doesn’t hurt anyone, right? Right?!

Wrong. I’ve already posted a number of times on the subject so use the search function and the keyword ‘cheat’ for more on that. But in a nutshell being level 70 Tenth Prestige does affect other people, and it does give you an unfair advantage. Not only do you get the extra custom classes, but you also have all the weapons and attachments, including things like extended mags, and all the perks with Pro abilities. So the pathetic boosters with their even more pathetic excuses and justifications are wrong.

Boosting does affect legit players.

What I don’t understand is why XBL have not picked up on these people. 402 stated that Microsoft were banning prestige hackers – well they’re obviously doing a bang up job there.

Another thing is that people complain about cheats, cheaters and boosting, but don’t do anything about it. They turn a blind eye while their “friends” cheat. I’m not like that. Things are slightly different on the PS3 though. You don’t have the JTag bullshit so there aren’t hacked lobbies as such. But you do get boosters and boosting.

So far, I’ve had two people message me to “boost” (ironically on BFBC2 rather than MW2, you don’t really get anything for boosting BFB2 other than a pin or award, but that’s not the point) and in both cases I’ve ignored the messages. I’d like to think that these guys haven’t boosted, but who knows….

One thing is for sure is this – if I KNOW that someone on my Friends List is a booster then they’ll be gone. I’m not interested in playing with cheats.

The buck may stop with the game developers and platform operators, but it starts with us in the gaming community. While we make it acceptable for people to cheat and/or boost then they’ll continue to do so. By doing nothing, we condone the very thing that the majority of us abhor.

Peas and loaves.

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9 thoughts on “Spot the Prestige Hackers…

  1. Infinity Ward are basically useless sacks of dung.

    Whether or not it’s at the hand of Activision, they don’t fix bugs, they don’t fix exploits, they don’t fix balance issues, and they don’t properly support their games like Epic, Treyarch, Valve, etc. do.

    Adding $15 DLC to a broken game is *NOT* supporting your game! And yet so, so many people just line up to take it in the ass. The CoD community is terrible.

    If you think boosting is a problem, you should see MW2 on PC. Aimbots, wall hacks, texture hacks, and triggerbots galore. And 402 said IWNet and VAC would stop hackers. Ha! Clueless buffoon.

    That said, denying boosters is one of my favorite things to do in MW2. If I come across some I stop playing the match and focus on finding and killing them. Every time you find them it’s three free kills. I even came across these two doing it in Domination the other day — usually it’s restricted to FFA.

    • When the original Call of Duty came out on the PC and they used PunkBuster it did make a difference. Especially after EA failed to do anything about the rampant cheating in Medal of Honor, or act on any of the communitys concerns. Back then IW did actually give a shit and it was their unique selling point.

      Obviously you’re not going to stop every cheat as there is always some dickhead changing the code to make their aimbot/wallhack/whatever undetectable by the databases.

      When I moved away from gaming and then came back again a while later on the consoles I thought that I’d personally seen the end of cheating. After all, I was playing on a closed system – how could people cheat on a closed system….

      Currently I don’t think I’ll be buying the MW2 DLC. Initially when I saw it on the Xbox I thought “OOooooh” but after seeing a load of different vids I’m thinking that the maps are pretty bland and uninspiring. Own goal for Activision/IW there as I can’t be the only PS3 person thinking this.

      • PB doesn’t make a difference anymore. Against anyone who is even a little experienced at cheating will get by it. The only people who don’t are idiots who do things like search “cod4 aimbot” on Google. And even then I’m sure some of those guys are still successful because PB is bad. It’s so bad it actually causes problems for legit players launching the game through Steam.

        I recently moved to PS3 as well but not to avoid cheaters. I moved because games are rarely developed *for* PC anymore — they’re just ports. Even Supreme Commander 2, a freakin’ RTS, was built for the 360 and thus has bad gameplay elements. Augh. So, I got a PS3 in the hopes that I’d get some games built for the control scheme I’d be using.

        As for the MW2 DLC, there is no fucking way I will be buying that. I only paid $50 for MW2 brand new — that’s 30% of the cost for only three new maps! Stupid, stupid, stupid. Plus, the new CoD is out in six months and then MW2 will be a forgotten memory. Even if CoD7 isn’t all that great it kind of can’t be worse than MW2.

  2. I agree with all the above. The game was the biggest sell of all time and should have been the best but they took the money and ran and was then left to rot. I could have been great but there are to many hacks and cheats. I think most of MW2 community are kids who just like to cheat and booster and then give you shit for playing well.

    I won’t be buying the DLC for £10 and won’t be buying the new COD if there aren’t some new changes and better after care of the game.

    I’m sticking to Bad Company 2 and loving it. It is so better and I don’t have to listen to them bitching kids or worry about care package glitching or nuke boosting

    Thank You

    • The next CoD won’t be made by Infinity Ward so it’ll probably be worth a look. Treyarch has a history of supporting their games and giving away map packs for free (on PC at least).

  3. Actually, I really enjoyed MW2 right up until the moment I started playing Bad Company 2! I only came across boosters once or twice and hardly ever any other cheaters. Must have been a fluke! I did buy the DLC too, and I’ve played it all of one time.

    Not very good value for money for me. I honestly surprised myself by how little I want to play it.

    • I got BC2 for PC. It didn’t enthrall me very much. I played it a few times and I haven’t been back since. I guess I’m not too big a fan of slow shooters on PC. If I have perfect aim control I want a fast-paced game like UT or Quake.

  4. BFBC2 is a much better game, IMHO. It can be a camper fest, considering the amount of wookies running around but as of late I have noticed a slight decline in thier numbers, but I digress. The fact that you are rewarded sooooo much more when you work as a squad is what makes this game more to my liking.
    If you find yourself getting no satisfaction out of killing the After School Special kids (CoD6 jumpers) that come on during the afternoon, try playing the game in the wee hours of the AM against the Euro players and then my friend you will find yourself questioning your play stlye. These guys( and probably gals) are simply vicious and brutal, and man do I love playing against/with them.

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