The Definitive Wookie Definition (BFBC2)

There seems to be a little bit of confusion over what constitutes a Wookie in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (BFBC2). I noticed this confusion while perusing the comments on Geoff’s latest video on YouTube. In the video Geoff, Josh and Gary created new accounts on the PS3 and go back in to BFBC2 as newbies to see how hard it is. You can find the video here.

In the video Geoff comes a cropper to a Bush Wookie, who very kindly stays put for the revenge kill. But Geoff’s reference to the recon guy as a “Wookie” created some confusion to the newly initiated. There were a couple of comments of “Wookie?” until someone answered, and then the answer was rebutted:

The answer is fairly straight forward and doesn’t really need to turn into a flame war:

Wookie – n. woo-key

Anyone using the Recon Class.

Alt. Bush Wookie – n. Boo-sh woo-key

Anyone running Recon who sits in a bush/tree, most usually at the spawn. Failing to fulfil the recon role. Not spotting, or helping their team in any meaningful way. May also be referred to as “A waste of skin” or “Deadwood”.

Rel. Camping Bastard – n. cahm-ping bah-sterd

Any other player who hides in a tree or bush to whore up their K/D.

Who coined the term “Wookie” and when did it enter popular culture?

Steven Speilberg c.1977

Why are Recon referred to as Wookies?

Peas and loaves.

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3 thoughts on “The Definitive Wookie Definition (BFBC2)

  1. I’m sure the Star Wars reference escapes the average Youtuber but I agree with you. I had a quick game earlier this evening and we had 2 wookies on my squad. One guy kept at the back all the time. Bloody idiot stayed in the town on Arica Harbour when we had all moved up to the second last base..

    As luck would have it, this Reddit post asks the same thing you did!

    • Looks like the guy in the Reddit post is the guy from the comments.

      Sometimes you get on a team with no wookies, and other times you look at the multimap and there’s little blue dots nowhere near the objectives…. ever.

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