Mini Update (HogHug) are certainly on the ball:

It’s at the packing stage today (Wednesday) which logically means it’ll be dispatched tomorrow (Thursday) – so when do you think it’s going to arrive? are usually pretty speedy for delivery, but I reckon it’ll be Monday.

Peas and loaves.

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6 thoughts on “Mini Update (HogHug)

  1. Yeah, Monday at least. Though my cable order with Divineo was the equivalent status for about a week. I suspect are a little more truthful and professional however.

    Isn’t the waiting a killer? Not like the old days when you had to “leave up to 28 days for delivery” and you couldn’t check on the status of it!

    • Yes, Saturday delivery here. But if they use a courier it’ll probably be Monday-Friday (it doesn’t say what method they’ll be using to send it though).

      “Please allow 28 days for delivery…” I used to hate that. Always dreaded that.

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