Game Results 08-05-2010

Had some great games last night. I got on fairly early, about 8pm and stayed on until about 1-1.30am. When I first went on I was on my own…. Friday night, Billy Nomates playing video games. I decided to do my usual thing and went into Squad Deathmatch – after a while of not really doing that well with the regular Assault kit using the M14 I switched to the M870/Magnum/Slugs laser cannon and did some work. As per usual people joined and people left and at one point I found myself alone against a full squad so I did the honourable and left with my head held high.

On WhitePass I played my favourite game – ‘Revenge Kill Go Boom’. So here’s what you do – Assault kit, C4 and whatever game you fancy. Find yourself a house, get upstairs and shoot someone from the window (remember, the idea is that YOU shoot someone else here, not stick your big fat head out the window for someone else to shoot). Now you trick out the killcam. Go for a walk and camp at the top of the stairs. Give it a count of five and then place all your C4 at the top of the stairs. Retreat to a safe distance and wait. When your victim comes to get some sweet sweet revenge you calmly detonate the C4 and watch the other guy pinball around the loft. Then you walk back to the top of the stairs, lay down a load of C4 and….. you get the picture.

I was on Arica Harbour when Geoff pinged me to join his squad. There were only four kills left to get so once they were done I joined him. Wow, the other team were a bunch of aimbot wallhack glitching haX0RzZZz. They weren’t, we just weren’t as good a team. Donncha joined in on our team but in a different squad along with Silent Dave but after a couple of games they left. At the same time, Geoff was getting increasingly frustrated with our lack of cohesion and direction. I personally wasn’t much help as I spent most of my time dead or on the other side of the map to where Geoff was wanting us to go.

So we went and joined Donncha’s game and we confirmed Donncha’s hypothesis on the matchmaking in that if you join a lower level friend’s game the teams are matched based on the person first in the squad. So if we join Geoff we get creamed, but if Geoff joins us WE ARE GODS! We had some good rounds, I’m fairly sure we won more than we lost. After a couple of rounds Geoff had to get going.

About 11pm-ish the squad started to peel off and I was once again all alone. Do you hear that? The tiniest violin playing just for me. I stayed in Rush as a squad of one, and for all intents I was also an army of one. The opposing team were absolute shite. Shortly before Mike joined me I essentially single handedly held off the other team on the second stage of Arica Harbour using Vehicle Elect on the .50cal of the Humvee parked outside Bravo. I say single handedly held off the other team, for 75 tickets I only saw five enemy come down the hill, let along come to try and plant.

Two of Mike’s pals joined us and we tore it up on the levels we played. Eventually I called it a night after defending Nelson Bay. So another great night of gaming.

Hauppauge didn’t arrive today, so Monday at the earliest now….

Peas and loaves.

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5 thoughts on “Game Results 08-05-2010

  1. According to my stats history page I played 4 games that night, and won 3! The first losing game was obviously the game against those robot soldiers but I was almost certain that we lost one game against the newbies. Might have been just an individual base that we lost while defending…

    • We probably let them have the crate to make them feel better: “hey guys, don’t quit… have a crate”.

      Despite my skill level falling through the floor, my KDR went up by 0.03 to 0.89. So I’m happy to have a crappy skill level. Crappy skill level is obviously for the pros.

      • My KDR remained static. I didn’t get that many kills in any game I think. My skill level plummeted too. It’s probably because we were matched against mostly weaker players. So for every kill we got less “skill points” over time than if we had killed higher level players!

    • Well it makes me feel a bit better knowing that every time I get killed when I join Geoff’s game I’m hurting the other person’s skill level.

      Hmmmm, maybe next time on defense I’ll do a little dance in the middle of the map.

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