My First Copyright Strike

It’s happened. But not from those big bad music companies, nope. It was family friendly cuddly err… wuddly(?!) Twentieth Century Fox.

I thought I was participating in some viral marketing for a Robert Rodriguez film called ‘Machete’ when it turns out I was infringing copyright. How could I make such a mistake when I’ve written so extensively on the subject of copyright?

Well in one of the totally random and not related to anything that I’ve watched “Related videos” section on YouTube there was an interesting looking vid….. so I clicked on it. It took me to a vid entitled ‘Illegal Machete Trailer’ – I’m a fan of Robert Rodriguez and this looked holy crap amazing (I like terrible over the top films).

In the related vids section on the side were loads of the same video from many different users. I followed the link in the video I watched back to the “source” on ( Although I get that the majority of the copy was fabrication to make an interesting post, I did think that had been given permission to redistribute the video.

So I uploaded it to my channel – and even put in the comments where it came from (it’s not like I put “Hey, Robert Rodriguez here! Check out my new film, it’s machetelicious….”).

It got a load of views, it literally skyrocketed, getting more views in two hours than my most popular video has gotten in over two months. There were some comments too, all bar one being positive.

Then, at 4,000 views the Copyright hammer fell….. what? Yup, the video got disabled and I got a copyright strike against me.

We'll send an email notifying you..... or not

Elephants can't jump

I’ve not received an email from YouTube, or any other messages from them notifying me of the infringement so it is no wonder that people have so much trouble dealing with copyright issues on there. Even worse is no clear process for putting your case forward.

In fact, it seems that you can only file a counter claim….. which I can’t because I’m not the copyright holder.

I emailed them, just to see if there was any way of getting rid of the sanction on my account. I’m not holding my breath.

20,000 Leagues Under The Sea

And here’s the kicker. My upload had 4,000 views. All but one comment were positive. You’d think that publicity like that would be welcomed….. but no, Twentieth Century Fox seems to still be attempting to maintain a stranglehold on anything they do. They’d have probably been interested in the demographics for the video too….. but they can kiss my arse before I post anything related to them again, and can go take a running jump ‘n all!

YouTube’s response can be found here

Peas and loaves.

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4 thoughts on “My First Copyright Strike

  1. 3,999 positive comments? And they take it down? Someone there needs to be hit with a clue stick. Copyright is one thing, free publicity is another.

    • 4,000 comments….I wish. 4,000 views, 23 comments I think, but four of them were me replying. So 18 positive out of 19. Don’t know how many thumbs up/down there were though.

      Live and learn. I won’t make the same mistake again.

      • Ah ha, apologies for the misreading. Still a fair number of hits though. Looking forward to what you do with the PVR! 🙂

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