Game Results 11-05-2010

Jumped on for a quick game tonight before the M60 and everything else gets patched.

The only person playing BFBC2 was Silent Dave. I joined him mid game on Conquest. Conquest is not usually a game mode I play. Not because I have anything against it, it’s just that when I go online on my own I play Squad DeathMatch and when I play with a squad it’s normally Rush.

Conquest is one of those game modes where you can lone wolf it which is what I was doing most of the time, although SD did keep me safe on a number of occasions and revived me when necessary. My main reason for lone wolfing was because I haven’t got a clue about the maps on Conquest so I go exploring.

I played as assault for a little while, then Medic, then just went to Recon as I felt like being a pain in the ass to the other team. I got more kills with my pistol than the GOL though. My one sexy sniper shot was interrupting another sniper as he tried to mow down my team with a stationary .50cal. Mmmmm stationary… that’s it, don’t move….. oh, he fell over and can’t get up :sadface:

Best kill for me this game was between two, either getting a knife kill on a recon guy after I ran after him for almost a minute….. /cue Benny Hill theme tune, or jumping off the top of some building while unloading my Rex into the engineer below me. It’s got to be the sniper knife as I got DOGTAAAAAGS! and also I got knifed immediately after killing the engineer because his buddy spawned on him just as he died.

So that was it, just a quicky. See you all post patch on the erm….. Battlefield (I’m so witty).

_= No stats pic at the moment because is being a git =_

Peas and loaves.

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3 thoughts on “Game Results 11-05-2010

  1. I went racing after a player last night. I had already unloaded a few bullets into him but he disappeared around a corner and unfortunately his squad mate mowed me down before I could get the knife in!

  2. Was coming up with an server error message becasue that happens to me. You just need to keep refeshing till it comes reloads. It normally takes about 5 times.

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