You’re Only as Good as Your Team….or are you? (BFBC2)

The above stats are from the stats site that has previously been mentioned by Donncha and reminded to my by Mick. This is just a very small part of the stats it lists for a player, but it was these Team stats that particularly interested me.

But the stats don’t lie. I do worse defending than attacking. I knew this before looking at the stats (and if you’re a regular reader you’ll know that I love stats) but as with all statistics they are never quite as clear cut as they appear. Yes, I lose more games on defense, but that is because the first game that I’m spawned in to will be as defense on a fairly lopsided team where the chances of winning are already slim. As a single player, even if I was the best player, I can’t be everywhere at once and without team backup I cannot single handedly successfully defuse and disarm every bomb plant. So if I spawn into a game such as that then it’s a loss from the get go.

Considering the paltry amount of points you get for a disarm compared to a kill – 30 points for a disarm, 50 for a kill – you can’t blame some people for preferring to maintain a healthy K/D rather than go for the win…… personally I prefer to win, which is why I always attempt to defend and disarm a station – especially if one has already been destroyed.

Then I stay in the game because none of my usual gaming buddies are online and I’m too lazy to leave. We get on to attacking and win. Hooray. Then lose again on defense. Then the usual suspects log on and we win win win. But I’m already -2 on the Win/Loss which cannot be recovered unless I decide that I’m only going to play when I’ve got a full squad to trounce the opposition with.

It’s not going to happen. When I’m not in a friend squad I use the time to play around with ludicrous kit combinations that I would never use in a proper game. I wouldn’t want to mess up my friends stats because I fancied playing for C4 only kills, or counter sniping with the RPG-7. I’ve never taken gaming seriously enough to give a toss about my stats. Yes, I do like a nice K/D – but that’s for me, not to put on my CV or to use as an ice breaker in awkward social situations (it would probably make an awkward social situation even worse in most cases….).

So the stats tell the truth, but not the whole picture.

Peas and loaves.

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11 thoughts on “You’re Only as Good as Your Team….or are you? (BFBC2)

  1. Oddly enough my stats are the opposite. My W/L ratio for defending is 1.5 vs 0.93 for attacking. I like defending. You only have to win once to win the game, but as an attacker you have to win 3 or 4 times!

  2. My Defender is better at 1.49 and attacker is 1.19. I thinks the Defender is better for me because I seem to get into games were everybody is sniping and Attack and your differently not going to win them games

    • Yes, lately I’ve started to talk to people who might have even a slight interest in gaming about, “that mad game of BC2 last night where we stormed through the enemy base destroying everyone. And Dog tags? I knifed 3 wookies while they were camping” …

      I get funny looks from my family.

  3. I wouldn’t put too much stock in that stat unless you only play Rush. Basically the stat is broken because it attempts to include gametypes like Conquest in it. When I first checked that site several weeks ago I had been playing conquest almost exclusively and I had data in that box that clearly included my conquest games which of course does not have attackers or defenders.
    I think what it does is if you lose in conquest it says you were a defender and if you win you were the attacker. I’m not sure how it handles SDM but I’m guessing it does something along the same lines.
    Also I wish they would increase the points for MCOM disarms because 30 points seems far too low in my book considering you are potentially saving the game for your team.

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