Game Results 12-05-2010

Had a varied night last night. Initially I didn’t plan on going on as there was a Cougar Town double bill on….. no, I’m not a fan, but since I share the TV with the household I don’t just get to play whenever I want. But Donncha emailed me to tell me that BFBC2 hadn’t been patched and he and Mike were on, the other half took pity on me, and in return for a cheese sandwich and a cup of tea I was on.

I don’t know what Mike does to piss people off, but he seems to get messages fairly frequently from people complaining about what he’s using in game. First it was the M60, and last night it was the Heavy MG. I think if he was to only use a blunt spoon someone would call him a “noob”.

Let’s quickly touch on the “noob”. I’ve not been called a noob on the consoles, but when I was PC gaming it was something that I was called fairly frequently – although the whole messaging console was full of “u noob” comments most of the time anyway so it didn’t really mean anything. Although my standard response was usually along the lines of: “if I’m the noob, how come you’re the one that’s dead?”. And the flames would rise. Ahhh, so much fun.

I think that one reason why Mike gets more abuse than, say, Donncha or me, is his user name. Let’s not be under any illusions here, Donncha and I enjoy abusing the “noob” loadouts so there shouldn’t be any difference there. But Mike’s username is more ‘real’. His username is pretty much his name in a nice easy format, but Donncha’s and mine, although include our names are harder to understand (if you’re hard of learning). And if your name is in any way 1337 then you’re not one to mess with – but if your name is your name then you’re obviously some pathetic noob. Or Mike.

Until these ‘noobs’ are the ones paying for my internet connection, console, TV and game then I, and the people I play with should play the game any damn well we please. If some ‘noob’ wants to complain because they don’t have the nous to use the in game assets effectively then that is hardly our fault.

But back to the games. It was a bit of blur, the Rush games. It was me, Donncha, Mike and later Silent Dave. They were fairly tough and took balls of steel to get the upper hand and plant some of the M-Com Stations. One thing that pisses me off when playing is when you finish one round, the next game starts and you find yourself halfway through the battle. Last night on Isla Inocentes that happened (again) – we spawned and there were two BlackHawks already over the island, one behind us….. double-you tee eff! This was a continuation so why the delay!?

Just having a quick look at my stats I don’t know how many we won or lost. As usual I was too busy having fun to be bothered by the actual results. Donncha has posted a good overview of the games already here. But Arica Harbour – wow, that was a close one. I joined at Base 3 (the bridge) on defense. At the last bases (yes, we got pushed back that far) Mike showed us a sneaky AT Rocket hidden in one of the train carriages and he and Donncha took out an enemy tank with it. In the end it came down to three tickets left with the final klaxon sounding on the M-Com station and miraculously the team took those tickets which just managed to save us.

After a while, Donncha and then Mike called it a night and so it was just me and Silent Dave, who then became Mic’d Dave (but I’ll call Silent Dave or SD for clarity). We decided to leave Rush as it was just the two of us and went in to Squad Death Match. This was, I believe, SD’s first foray into SDM so as we went around the maps I was informing him of when we were approaching spawn points to make sure we didn’t get surprised.

It was fairly good fun, we played a couple of games, I broke out the shotgun laser cannon with C4 and we just ran about shooting people in the face. As you do.

Silent Dave called it a night and I was going to do the same when AzZona (Josh) sent me a squad invite. I accepted and joined YanksFan and some other guy on more SDM. Bloody hell, Josh is a beast. It’s only the third time I’ve played on the same team as him, and the first on SDM. He carried the team. It was YanksFan’s first real time on BFBC2 so he was stuck with all the noob stuff, but he still held his own. We had a great time with Josh wrecking the other team, and the rest of us running interference. My favourite kill was taking out a camping Engineer with the tank….. and then going back and taking him out again in the same spot with the M14. If you’re going to camp, at least have more than one campsite…..

My K/D went up, so did my W/L and also my dogtags. Made it to level 22 and unlocked the G3:

Peas and loaves.

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10 thoughts on “Game Results 12-05-2010

  1. You forgot that helicopter you robbed and I jumped into on Isla! Same game where we spawned and the battle had already joined. They were using helicopters like nobody’s business, and after a while just used them as troop transport, crashing into the island over and over again.

    We probably should have tried to repair it before taking off however.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • I’d actually forgotten about the helicopter. Just after disarming Bravo there it was – a lovely lovely Blackhawk parked right in front. It would have been rude not to use it.

  2. I enjoyed the SDM matches, hadn’t played SDM yet so was something new. We did pretty well, I think we won both full games we played (the first game we joined right towards the end, so had no chance).

    The latter two matches helped improve my KDR a little – it still needs a bit more work though ๐Ÿ™‚

    Becoming mic’d Dave was much easier once I remembered to tell the PS3 to use the appropriate headset for audio ๐Ÿ™‚ I could actually hear you clearly enough too, which was a bonus.

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