First PVR vid

I’m in the process of testing out the best way to process game footage via the PVR (thanks Geoff) and have uploaded the first mini vid:

Okay, I guess that needs a bit of explanation. Sure sure, I know what you’re thinking…. it goes something like this right: “WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!?”…. I know. So here’s the story. I went and picked up a PS3 component cable and when I got home hooked it all up (I’d installed the drivers the previous evening). Cables all ready to go, turn it all on and…..nothing. Hmmmm.

Before we get on to the problem let me just go back a step to the whole PS3 cables thing. I found the cable that came with the PS3, a cable I had never used as I went straight to HDMI. A quick recap of the specs of the PS3 – next gen console, up to 1080p, Blu-Ray player….. wowzorz. So the cable that comes bundled with it….. a standard definition composite lead. That’s like selling a Ferrari with remoulds!

Back on topic – a small flush of panic hit me. Something….. is….. wrong…. It’s one of three things: 1 – the PVR, 2 – the PS3 cable, 3 – the PS3, or 4 – the component connections on the TV. Only option 2 would be the simple thing to fix. So I leapt into fault diagnosis mode and stole the Xbox360 from my daughter’s bedroom (I’m such a bad parent). I plugged the Xbox in and connected it to the TV. The splash screen came up on the TV – Hooray! That’s one thing crossed off – no brokedy TV. I then hooked it up to the PVR and lo’ and behold it’s showing through the PVR software. Huzzah! that’s two things crossed off.

Which meant that the issue was somewhere with the PS3….. but since everything was hooked up via the Xbox I decided to record whatever was on there as a test. Which is why it’s Lego Star Wars. Okay, I admit it – I do like Lego Star Wars, the cut scenes are hilarious. But straight away I rediscovered my hatred of friendly AI. When you’re trying to shoot something, they get in your way, and when they should be getting to cover, they stand and get shot! Bah!

So that explains the video. But what about the PS3? Stupid Sony! What century is this? The twenty first that’s what! Man walked on the moon FORTY years ago – ON THE MOON! But can they make it that a console realises what connection you’re using? No. Even my TV can work out what input I want to use – IT’S THE ONE WITH THE SIGNAL RUNNING THROUGH IT AAAAARRRRGGGHHHHH! I had to switch back to HDMI, log in to the PS3, go to the display settings, change the display settings, change the input channel on my TV to check that it was there and then accept the changes. Easy eh? Simple…. which is why it took me four attempts.

So everything is now hunky dory…. except for my computer. It’s a bit underpowered for the PVR so that’s going to be the next thing on my penny jar as eight hours to render twenty minutes of video is not really acceptable to me…..which is why I’m currently saving the gameplay to the main computer and then editing it on the Frankenlaptop.

Peas and loaves.

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6 thoughts on “First PVR vid

  1. I just remembered, next time you have change output lead, keep the power button pressed down for 4 seconds when you power on the PS3. You’ll hear a double beep AFAIR and it’ll display in standard def with whatever lead you have plugged in. Then you can go into display settings and up the resolution!

    Good video, wookie shields? 8 hours to render is crazy but that’s a whole lot of data. How big was the original file?

    (Won’t be in BC2 tonight, obviously, catch ya on Saturday!)

    • Bah, stupid Sony! That’s all there is to it. ;-D

      On Lego Starwars (and probably the other Lego games) the AI doesn’t take damage from enemies, only you, and they also don’t give out any damage when they can be bothered shooting back. Stupid wookies.

      Bah, I sound like such a grump. Stupid grumpy grump.


      Yup, catch you Saturday.

      Mike? You reading this? Saturday – it’s on! I’ll email you before then which will then nullify this addendum.

    • I thought it would take less time to edit if I pre-rendered the video to the right quality….. but I guess not. Not on my current equipment anyway.

      Still got some fiddling to do.

      And “no BC2 till saturday” – does that mean you’re not going to be on until Saturday?

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