Weekly-ish Update #7

Wow, I haven’t done a weekly-ish update since the 15th of April. I’m so glad I made the title so ambiguous to prevent people posting comments saying things like “Hey! Yeah you! Where’s the weekly update bucko!?”.

So where did the time go? It seems there’s been a lot going on, but nothing happening – if you get what I mean. YouTube is currently full of Halo Reach vids, MW2 hate vids, varying degrees of BFBC2 understanding and a load of Skate 3 demo footage.

Let’s have a rundown of those to get the ball rolling:

Halo Reach
Okay, I don’t play Xbox360 at the moment. But that doesn’t mean that I should gouge out my eyes if there’s Xbox content being shown (I’ve also been enjoying the Alan Wake vids). I’ve never really understood the format wars as I’ll use whatever is best for the purpose. Mercenary, but honest. Anyway – Halo Reach. I’ve never really been a fan of Halo. I had Halo 3, but didn’t enjoy it – neither the campaign or the multiplayer. I’m just not that in to space shooter thingies. Although Reach looks good I think it’s not the type of game that I’d enjoy. Too much fasted finger wins for my liking. Watching other people play is fun though.

MW2 Hate Vids
Uhhhhhh. Is it a prerequisite for making gaming videos that you become a whining complainer? But instead of just going “sod this, sorry guys no more MW2 vids because I hate it…” you just put out video after video where you complain about every single thing in the game? And now a new trend – Machinima signing people who hate MW2 to make MW2 gameplay videos. Check this one out from a new guy called Frosty or Icy, or MrPopsicle or something. It’s his first commentary for Machinima and pretty much the first words out of his mouth are “I hate this game more than you can imagine….”

Top tip – if you don’t like something: avoid it. I hate hitting myself in the face with a shovel, so guess what? – I don’t do it. I don’t make video after video of me hitting myself in the face with a shovel and commentate about how much it sucks (although thinking about it, that would probably get a million billion views…..). As user algegrox succinctly put it in the comments for that video “so your a sell out, your doing something you hate just to get viewers”. I wish that the people who hate a game – whatever game – would have the courage of their convictions and just stop playing.

There’s two type of BFBC2 commentators on YouTube at the moment. You’ve got the likes of Geoff, StoneFaceLock and CardsNumber7 who play the game as it should be, show great gameplay, and provide insight, tactics and tips for playing the game. And then you have pretty much the rest who don’t really provide any real content of any worth other than some moving pictures and clips put together showing their “1337 5kI11Zz”. Machinima (again) seems to be the worst culprit for this. Sometimes I wonder if they even watch the videos before approving them. Here’s an example:

If you can’t be bothered to watch it let me sum it up: couple of guys playing against an unbelievably bad team who don’t know what sniping and/or mortar strikes are for, and then to finish it all off they don’t even show the whole match so you don’t even know if they win or not! A complete waste of time. There seems to be a slippage in the quality of the videos Machinima is putting out with regard to FPS games.

Skate 3 Demo
I previously posted about my thoughts on the Skate 3 demo. And the vids so far out there haven’t disappointed. Especially from the RoosterTeeth/AchievementHunter guys (who also do a nice run of Just Cause 2 vids).

In terms of my subscriptions on YouTube, I’ve been looking for new commentators to replace those that I’ve unsubscribed from for being complainers, non-objective players, or just not worth watching any more. So if you’ve come across some people who you think are worth a look, let me know!

DazzyBee – whose videos I previously made a montage from – has created a new community channel for showcasing other uploaders gameplay. This was after he had been let down by the person who was supposed to be working with him on the previous co-lab channel. As they say, never work with children or animals…. Check out Elit3Killers here

Copyright Strike

I had a Copyright Strike against my channel after I posted a trailer for a Robert Rodriguez film. I’m actually in the process of trying to find out whether there was permission given for the video to be redistributed and if it was actually Twentieth Century Fox who filed the copyright claim, or some sort of Steve Jones.

Talking of Steve Jones…… DarkSydePhil’s channel is back. Seems there is more to be said for transformative and derivative works after all.

It has arrived. A courier dropped it off yesterday (Wednesday) but I have to get a PS3 composite cable before I can record any gameplay. It seems that getcrackin1 knew something that everyone else didn’t when he chose Wednesday on the delivery day poll. So pal, about those lottery numbers…..

I’ll be putting some gameplay up as soon as soon as! (THANKS GEOFF!)

KontrolFreeks FPS
Although I don’t currently have any of these, I do like to keep and eye on things that are going on around and about. There’s been a number of mentions and appearances by them on YouTube, my favourite being DrDisRespect’s codefest video:

He’s crazy! Wooooo…..

Donncha has also been reviving his Kontrol Freeks and reported that he has noticed a difference in his aim/move ability (a difference for the better that is!).

In other KontrolFreek news, the guys over there have quietly released two extra colour variations on the original offering. So now you can choose the original creamy with dark grey nubbin, Gunmetal over Stealth, or Stealth over Stealth. Stealth being black, and gunmetal being dark grey. Personally, and as every good ninja knows, grey is the colour of stealth. But that’s just being pedantic…

So check them out here, with pictures in glorious technicolour. And see if you can spot the ninja in the pictures.

Okay, this is getting really long, and I suppose that’ll teach me to not pay attention, so I’ll round it off with a list of posts since the last Weekly-ish update.


Peas and loaves.

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3 thoughts on “Weekly-ish Update #7

  1. That FPS Freeks video was plain weird! I will admit they helped my gameplay slightly. I was able to bump up the sensitivity on the PS3 controller by 2 notches in BC2 and still hit people but it’s a difficult thing to quantify.

    • Yup, DrDisRespect is certainly….. unique in the YouTube gaming community. I’m wondering whether he and SandyRavage might be related.

      With the Freeks, you’re right in that the benefits are hard to quantify. You couldn’t say “this will help you improve by 50%” as everyone is different. Upping sensitivity and being able to achieve the same results is definitely an improvement – especially when it comes to turn speed and target acquisition. But that’s not the only factor that should be considered.

      • I’ve FPS freeks and they are good. I find if the sensitive is to high them It is hard to get the micro movements. But I have a brand new Dual Shock Controller and they are super sensitive. When you remove them you can feel the difference

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