Skate 3 Quicky Vid

I’ve been showing off my skills on Skate 3 on a new capture. And when I say skills, I mean retardation. This is only the second time of playing the demo after having a go of the initial training – but that’s just an excuse. I just suck at it. Maybe if I put some time in I could pull off some sick tricks, but in the twenty minutes of play you get before the demo shuts off I have 19 minutes of falling over.

I may edit the falling over bits together, but in the mean time – Skate 3 qualitorz test:

Peas and loaves.

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3 thoughts on “Skate 3 Quicky Vid

  1. I gritted my teeth every time you fell there. Ouch!

    Did you notice the horizontal lines in fast moving scenes? It looks like the next frame was drawn before the last, on every second horizontal line. Is that interlace perhaps?

    • There’s some nasty “accidents” in that game.

      I still have a lot fiddling to do with the settings. Although I think part of the problem is that my graphics card is 256MB RAM and the min spec is 512MB.

      When I win the lottery I’ll upgrade my systems.

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