Complaining 2.0

As a species we are designed to dwell on the negative, in fact it is a survival trait. If we weren’t programmed to vividly remember the bad times we’d become extinct in a frenzy of eating funny coloured mushrooms, petting cuddly wuddly animals with large incisors, and leaping off tall stuff because birds can do it and they’re really stupid.

That’s great. In the scheme of things, and biologically I’m a successful organism having reached maturity and procreated. In Darwinism terms: I’m awesome. I also know how to avoid the bad stuff. I didn’t have to experience all the bad personally, but I was told to avoid certain bad things. That is why I don’t walk in front of traffic or try to find out what happens when you shove a fork in the electricity socket.

For all the times that I’ve had a bad experience I’ve made sure that I don’t repeat them – for example I don’t buy anything costing more than £20 from Currys, I don’t kick white “pebbles” and I will never drink whisky and cider on the same night ever again…. actually, make that the same decade.

When it comes to computer games (showing my age there)/video games if I don’t enjoy playing a game I do this:

  • I quit the game and sell it

I don’t spend my time telling anyone who will listen how awful it is, how broken it is, how stupid such and such a feature is because….. it doesn’t exist to me anymore. I also disregard all games belonging to that franchise for at least six years (that’s how long I avoided EA FPS games for after they messed up on the original Medal of Hono(u)r). If someone asked me what I thought of a game that I’d binned then the answer would be a simple “it wasn’t for me, so I traded it”. Wow! It’s sooooo easy.

What I don’t understand are people who say they hate a game, and then continue to pay for more content. Is it so that they can complain some more? I know a problem shared is a problem halved….. but you have to share it with someone who enjoys listening to you complaining first. I don’t like listening to people complaining. It gets me down. Especially when the complaining is about something as comparatively unimportant as a computer game. Yeah, you got “noob tubed” from across the map, big deal! It’s a game. It’s a game.

Yes, I said ‘it’s a game’ twice. It was in case you missed it the first time. It’s just a sodding game. It’s not like you will die if you don’t play it. So here’s the thing. Once the game is out, it’s too late to start complaining about features. Public beta time is the opportunity to provide your feedback on weapons, gameplay and other stuff. And guess what…. the game companies are there to make money, not make the game easy for YOU to do well in. They want to make the game have mass market appeal, not to please the hardcore minority (who should be playing Halo by the sounds of it anyway).

The people who are constantly complaining on YouTube are complaining because they want the game to be easy for THEM. They don’t want some “noob scrub” to be able to get them with a lucky (or cheap) shot and spoil their “overpowered” killstreaks (you know, the ones they complain about when they are used against them) while they run around with their silenced UMP45 or AK47.

At the moment there are two vids on YouTube that has prompted this anti-complaining complaining post. The first is WoodysGamerTag’s “viral” vid urging people to spam Rober Bowling’s twitter account to make the grenade launcher attachment take up a perk slot. And the second video is from theguywhocamps where he and some other popular YouTubers tell Treyarch how to make a perfect multiplayer game (for them).

First – WGT: I’ve heard this argument so many times before. But here’s the thing – the grenade launcher is a weapon attachment, just like the silencer, red dot sight, acog, shotgun, heartbeat sensor, rapid fire, fmj, holographic sight, extended mags, and whatever else I’ve forgotten to add. Logically, if you make one attachment a perk….. then all attachments have to be perks. Iron sights ftw? Here’s another point. If you want the grenade launcher to occupy a perk slot – save yourself some cash and go play Call of Duty 4 (with the next map pack, that will be pretty much what you’re doing anyway with all the recycled maps they’re churning out).

And theguywhocamps vid – I haven’t listened to part two, but by the sounds of part one what they want is for Treyarch to make Call of Duty: Halo.

I’m fed up of the complaining. It seems every other video in my subscriptions list is someone complaining. Don’t complain, either do something about it, or don’t do it. How hard is it to turn around and say “Sorry guys, I’m not posting any more x gameplay videos because I don’t enjoy the game”? Or are these people really that scared of losing some subscribers?

Peas and loaves.

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5 thoughts on “Complaining 2.0

  1. You’ve been watching MW2 videos again haven’t you? I haven’t watched one of those in a long time but it’s amazing how many videos of that game appear on Youtube. Halo 3 gets lots of gameplay according to the xbox live charts but I never see videos of that. Probably been done to death already!

    The second last paragraph is missing the end is it?

    • I haven’t stopped watching MW2 vids – the majority of my subscription list is MW2 vids, but I just turn them off when the complaining starts. But the past couple of days has seen a zenith in the complaining and I’ve had a gutful.

      I think the reason why Halo 3 is not as popular video-wise is because it doesn’t have the diversity of player types that you have in MW2. It’s a bit boring to watch in most cases – as is the majority of MLG stuff.

      And the second to last pararagraph…. I forgot what I was going to write there, I’ve taken it out now. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. I am going to have to disagree with your comments regarding Woody. He is one of the few “big” commentators that I don’t hear complaining about danger close, commando, or corner campers in the videos he uploads.

    Speaking specifically about the “viral” video of Woody’s you mentioned. I think it’s probably the most constructive video of it’s type. Woody seems fairly analytical and works in software design so I am giving him the benefit of the doubt and assuming he believes his suggestion is the most realistic fix possible with his limited knowledge of the actual under the hood coding of MW2.

    I do agree with you about the complaining being out of control at the moment. If you are looking for some folks to watch that have informative gaming, that’s fun to watch check out hbkjust or themarkofj.

    • Thanks for the comments. Although you don’t have to disagree with my comments about Woody as I wasn’t actually referring to him when I was on about constantly complaining YouTubers – especially those that do it via Machinima.

      I was actually surprised that Woody produced the vid as, as you say, he’s not one of the complainers.

      Sure, everyone gets fed up with things that happen in the game, but it’s too late in the day to request such major changes. And if Woody is in software design, he should know that. Activision/IW’s support for MW2 is going to be on the decline as they ramp up for Black Ops and they’re not going to commit the resources required to make such a major change (and it is major) to the game.

      I’ll check out he peeps you mention. Thanks.

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