Game Results 15 and 16-05-2010

15th – This was the first time that I played with the PVR recording, I was on for about an hour and was in Squad Death Match. The first map I joined a game in progress on Isla Inocentes. The score was 20 to some other squad and the squad I joined was on 6, and two other squads around about the same. The top squad when I joined all had the same tag [OAP]. I don’t know if they were really pensioners, or just playing about, but with 27 kills to my name the squad I was on won. Not bad for joining late.

We lost every game after that. Including one where we were winning right up until the last couple of minutes because the squad that eventually won were on a two wookie/one medic set up. When a wookie was downed the medic would revive them. If I hadn’t been so knife happy then they wouldn’t have won.

Here’s them (and me) in action:

For anyone who’s interested the whole match can be downloaded and watched from the following link. Because I was still in the process of sorting out the PVR there is no sound and the quality is poo, so take it for what it is:

The 16th saw me, Donncha, Mike, Connor and later a new addition to my friends list tearing it….mostly. Again, because I’ve been fiddling with the settings on the PVR I don’t have footage of every match and (un)fortunately stopped recording during a REALLY long game on Nelson just as the enemy flew their UAV in to Bravo to attempt to get some roadkills (bastard).

I had a “thing” going against an enemy sniper and was determined to get his dogtags….. but failed when I was hunting him. Although when I checked through my stats later I found that I already had them….TWICE:

My stats for the evening were:

The stats don’t lie – I now have more kills with the knife than any other weapon.

But, despite me not thinking I did particularly badly, it would seem that DICE disagrees…..

Okay, fine. DICE thinks I suck….. any feedback? Any clue as to what I should be doing to improve my game? Any clue how they came to the conclusion that I suck? No. Nothing. What is the point of a rating system that provides with you no information on how it is worked out. If it’s down to score per minute then perhaps DICE should stop half the enemy team from quitting as soon as Nelson Bay loads so that those of us who do stay have to go and spend 20 minutes searching for them…..

Until next time, here’s a clip from the Isla Inocentes attack:

You live by the knife….you die by the knife:

Here’s the complete Isla Attacking gameplay – the audio is out of sync and it’s a bit small – but I’ll be sorting these issues out for the next time.

Peas and loaves.

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14 thoughts on “Game Results 15 and 16-05-2010

  1. I played last night, had a decent few rounds I thought (finally got the wheels of hazard pin, Careful guidance trophy, and Mission … Accomplished Trophy). When I’d finished, I went to the stats page to be told: “SKILL LEVEL 0”! Thanks DICE.

    Good game Saturday, you and the other guy (Jimmy_Whitte?) are pretty direct! No messing… I like that. If you’re recording now I’ll have to up my game a bit though if we play together again. 🙂

    • I just checked the ‘History’ tab at and it says my skill level at the end of last nights session was 94 (I started the evening at 158!) … so either is lying or there is a bug in the game… I’ll put my bets on the latter.

    • mj_whittle – Mike

      It was good playing with you, I thought that you’d missed the invite initially.

      We don’t tend to mess about when play Rush. Although depending on the map we may try out some different things, but normally when the ticket count gets to 30-ish it’s ‘go time’ if we haven’t already got the bases.

      I wouldn’t worry about upping your game, we play for fun. If we win then that’s great but losing not’s so bad when you’ve had a blast on the way.

  2. Thanks for posting the complete .wmv, even at low res I recognised several situations. “You spawned very far back” comes to mind when you spawned on me in the village on one occasion, and I remember you asking if anyone wanted a ride in the helicopter, but were shot down before you got there.
    I wish you had stayed by Alpha just 10 seconds more though. I took down the blackhawk and it exploded in the hills with a satisfying boom!

    That guy at 18:00 who died behind you was killed by me, just as he killed me. I think I watched the end of the game through the killcam, but that was a brilliant game. We played a blinder.

    • Hahaha, yeah, spawning at the bottom of the village was quite a trek. I didn’t realise that the final output would be quite so small – it took ages to render. I’ve got the audio sorted out for all future matches though, so I’ll make sure that we can both see and hear the full gameplays.

      • Had a great game then, as always. It’s good to see you play because when playing together you can’t see your view.
        Just a point when aiming at someone running try to aim just in front of them and you should get a direct hit. But that skill setting is rubbish. As long has we have fun playing the game then it doesn’t matter.
        If you want to get the skill up then I think it will start to increase when your K\D goes positive, which it is increasing fastly

      • I had a quick look at Dave’s history and he’s doing very well on the KDR front. Mine is increasing ever so slowly, but then Dave’s gameplay is a lot more cautious and calculating than mine. I’ve tended to run, take cursory glances around and hope for the best.

        By the time I’m back I expect you’ll both be level 50 masters of the game! 🙂

      • Yes I will become the Bad Company Jedi! I won’t have to use guns or grenades I will use the force and I will be the flying in the air raining tanks from above 🙂 or maybe just level 35. You will have to wait and see. May the force be with !

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    • It was a bit of a mess up, I didn’t notice the other sniper who the medic spawned on until after I killed the other sniper and went “hang on a minute of a second…”

  4. Hello matey I bet you can guess who this is. Anyways liking the stuff you have put up so far. Still think the colours are strong but its your PVR (cheater lol). I can’t remember if I had left a comment before so I wanted to make my mark now. See you online sometime.

  5. Hello!!!!!!

    Been away for a while due to work and playing wow far more than I intended.

    Really good to see some action from you, bet you are soooo pleased and chuffed with yourself.

    Well done and keep up the good work 😉

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