BFBC2 Isla Inocentes Squad Death Match Commentary

I’ve finally completed my first, erratic, commentary. Whoever thinks commentaries are easy should try it. Generally, I’m not much of a talker – to read some of my posts you wouldn’t think it, but I don’t yap on to anyone and everyone who’ll listen. So speaking over nine minutes of gameplay was initially an impossible task for me. There were a couple of problems: 1 – the actual talking, 2 – what to say, 3 – er, um, ah, and general messing up.

In the end I recorded the commentary as a series of “sound bites” that lead in to each other. So I’d say one thing. Stop recording, consider what I’m saying next the record that. In all there were 20 soundbites making up the nine minute commentary. So I stay coherent for roughly 30 seconds at a time. There are a couple of points in the commentary where my words a bit incomprehensible….. but I left them as to re-record those snippets would have lost the “moment”.

The gameplay itself is nothing special. It was literally one game that I played purely to get footage for the commentary. I turned the PS3 on, went in to the game – played less than a minute of a game in progress and this was the next round.

There were people joining and leaving fairly constantly, but I tend to find that in SDM as it seems to be used more as a waiting room until other people are on. I decided after initially using the assault kit to try out the VSS recon kit that I’d just unlocked. The VSS has quite a lot of kick and it took a while to get used to it.

When I made a run for the tank about half way through I was sort of hoping for some support from my team. You can hear engineer silenced rounds hitting the tank as I get in. Unfortunately for me there were three enemy in the immediate vicinity, and one of the was using the explosives upgrade which meant the tank was destroyed before I could get even one kill with it.

I was using my mortar strikes to target areas where the enemy were likely to be, but only got one kill with destruction 2.0. Ultimately I went 10 – 9 which, although positive, is a pretty poor showing for me on SDM. Really I should have run engineer or C4, but I’m trying to level up the Recon kit and want to get more kills with the mortar strike. Still, that’s not really an excuse. Well, maybe it is. Or not.

The final video was edited down from a full 25 minutes. Initially I was going to show each death/respawn, but even after taking out all the spawn delays and boring campy bits the video was still 16 minutes long – at least 5 minutes longer than the YouTube limit. I had to take out a number of death/respawns and various other events to get it within time.

However, if you want to see the complete gameplay, without commentary then I’ve uploaded it here:

What I’m probably going to do it keep that in the dropbox until the next video is up and then replace it.

In the meantime.

Peas and loaves.

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5 thoughts on “BFBC2 Isla Inocentes Squad Death Match Commentary

  1. Excellent first commentary!

    All the bits gelled together well but I’d love to hear you talk or react to what’s on-screen. You got a couple of nice combat knife kills that were “dying” for a reaction 🙂

    • I did on the first couple of attempts try and comment on the gameplay as well as say everything else that I wanted to get in…. but I kept messing it up.

      Now that the introduction is out of the way I’ll be able to do more direct commentaries.

      I was going to yell dogtags, but I only got one, and the other guy turned around as I was sneaking up on him and he got mine instead :sadface:

      I’ll be sure to put plenty of “Dog TAAAGS!” in the future vids.

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