Game Results 22-05-2010

The thing I don’t like when you select the option to join friend in a game of BFBC2 is when it puts you in the game…. in a squad on your own…. on the opposing side. That’s how I found myself on defence on Port Valdez while Donncha and Mike were on offence. I wasn’t actually aware of this, I thought it was just another glitch and it had put me in some random game. So I just carried on regardless. I got in the attack helicopter but got shot down fairly rapidly, however it wasn’t a bad thing as I managed to bail before it got destroyed and was able to use the flaming wreckage for cover while I took out tanks and advancing enemies with my engineer kit.

After a couple of minutes I got a game invite from Donncha and accepted it only to find myself……. attacking on Port Valdez – in the same game where I had just been tearing up the attackers! Oh well, change of tactics. We won.

We had numerous games, and I think we won most of them. I had the most fun defending on Arica Harbour. The attackers didn’t seem particularly interested in taking the M-Com stations at base three which meant wookie hunting. I got some defib kills going on, just because I felt like being a complete arsehole. I’m hoping that I got footage of it, but after that game the PVR froze so I don’t know the state of the file as my recording machine has been rendering a 28minute file for the past 12 hours.

There was also some really cool BlackHawk troop transport moments on Valparaiso which I’ll be putting on YouTube once I commentate it, and also linking to the whole match via the DropBox.

In the meantime (if you haven’t already seen it) here’s a snippet of me being Portland Bill:

When Donncha called it a night, Mike and I ran into the usual problem….. lopsided teams. We were in Laguna Presa and found that there were only two enemy – one of which was a sniper. The remaining guy was basically toast. After about five minutes we left to find another game and it was awful. I don’t know what happens with the player matching after Donncha leaves but we always end up against really strong enemy teams and I think we lost most of the rounds we were playing.

I think when we’re down to two then we should quit Rush and either get in to Conquest, SDM or maybe even Squad Rush and see if that’s any better. Trying to compete against an organised enemy team with two people and various random team mates is not an enjoyable experience.

My KDR is still at .92!? Will it ever get any higher?

And because the usual stats site is broken, here’s the stats in a slightly different format:

Peas and loaves.

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5 thoughts on “Game Results 22-05-2010

  1. Missed you on PSN tonight! Mick and I tore up the other team, accompanied by Mark for most of the night and assorted silent strangers too!

    My KDR is definitely improving lately (right about the time I started using the FPS Freeks!) and win/loss ratio is going up too when you and Mick and others are online! 🙂

    Now, I really better get some sleep. zzzzz

    • Didn’t make it on at all tonight. Although the Valparaiso match from the other night, along with a heli commentary will be up in the morning.

      I need some new machines…..

      • You missed a great session tonight. The other teams were rubbish and we just torn through them like wet paper.
        Hope to see you online tomorrow

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