Argh nuts!

Unfortunately the title doesn’t refer to some new brand of extra spicy roasted peanuts (mmmmmm peaaaanuuuuts). It refers to my exact thoughts when I discovered that the amazing game of Rush on Arica Harbour we played as defenders only partially recorded.

At the end of the game I noticed that the PVR had locked up, but hoped upon hope that it hadn’t affected the recording….. today, when I pulled the file off the recording machine to chop it up for commentating (it was an awesome game) I find that it ends at the third base. It didn’t just end at the third base, it ends at the third base just before I get another defib kill! Damn you hoghug! Why do you hate me when I only show you love!?

I’ll probably still commentate bases one and two as we did a pretty good job, but were let down by not defusing the crates. Lesson to be learned there methinks….

Anyhoo, it did record some great moments for me to mess about with…. like this one:

Should have teabagged him as well for uber-douchery.

Peas and loaves.

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